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Slowly starting to fix my life

Slowly starting to fix my life

Welp, look who's back. Last time you saw me, I was making a quick post from my phone to let you know I had gotten in a car accident, followed by a period during which I tried to fix all the issues the accident had caused IRL (with studies and day job) while still being both a DM and a player here, followed by a period when I finally gave up.
Ever since, a ridiculous amount of stuff has happened: my back seemed fixed after the accident, but then suddenly got worse, and the cures I had to undertake as a result happened to have some nasty side effects I hadn't been warned about, which led to some freakish Dr. House situations. All the while, I was missing week after week of programming school, as well as week after week of work which, considering that I need the latter to pay for the former, was a major problem as I very nearly got fired. And I think it goes without saying, but my results at the aforementioned programming school haven't exactly been stellar either.

And then, after the storm, the calm. The past week has been decisive in finally getting my life back on track, as my health conditions are more or less fixed and my daily schedule is stabilizing: of course, my first thought was to return here, but before I did, I wanted to be sure everything was truly back to normal, so that I'd be absolutely sure to be able to commit to any serious activity here... And to be honest, it's still quite difficult: if I pace myself and avoid piling up too much stuff on myself, I should be able to find the time for two games, one as a player and eventually one as DM (it's been a while, and I really enjoy DMing). I exclude I'll be able to do more than this for a while, tho.
So yeah, I guess this is me reintroducing myself, and hoping to be able to restart a life here. I also must apologize to Djinnoxide, as I saw the rant he wrote in the ad of his latest game: I know that I am one of the causes of his frustrations, so yeah, I sincerely regret how things have turned out. Sadly, everything that has transpired was well beyond my control.

With this being said, I hope this can be the fresh new beginning I so desperately need: I'm particularly hyped up to play some 5e because I finally got my hands on XGE and holy smokes, isn't that book the best thing ever.

Welcome back!

And yikes, that's even worse than I thought things were for you... Hope everything ends up stabilizing and going back to where it should with no further issues. Glad to see you're back!

Welcome back! I too know all too well how real life can throw you a curve ball and disrupt the things that you really enjoy.

Welcome back CC. I cannot speak exactly for DJ02 but you at least let us know that RL was snowballing and you had to step away. It happens. What is frustrating is when people, especially a GM disappear without a word. Weeks or months go by and you check the activity of the disappeared GM only to see that they logged in two weeks ago but still did not say a word. That is frustrating, and that is not what you did.
Glad to hear your health is better and I hope that everything gets back on track for you

Welcome back, and thanks for letting us know what has been going on for you. Hope things continue to stabilize and go well for you, and that you do find time for some gaming.

Welcome back, Catherine! First off, very glad that you are feeling better and your body is cooperating and healing after the accident. That is the MOST IMPORTANT thing. That life is calming down and settling back in to a normal pace is also a great thing.

People will always get upset when a GM disappears. It is a part of PBP. It happens, unfortunately. Some of my favorite games disappeared because of real life interfering with the GM. People need to understand that real life DOES take precedence.

Hoping your return lasts a while, and you can get back into some games. XGE is an awesome book. I'm perusing it currently.

Yep, recovery first, then all that other stuff.

On the other hand... finding room in your life to have fun is an important part of both getting, and remaining, healthy. It doesn't pay to neglect the things you enjoy in life.

Its great to hear you are on the mend CC. Recovery can be brutal, sometimes as much as the hospital stay. I had my own run in with hospitalization and physical therapy as well as the havok it wreaks on your life and finances. You do you and there will always be games waiting for you.

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