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Gotham's Finest:

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Gotham's Finest:

Gotham's Finest - Forum
World of Darkness

Game Type

New World of Darkness / Mortals Game


Gotham City
Alternate DC Universe Earth using various Batman sources (Comics, Animated Show, Games, Movies, Etc.)
Batman has vanished from the shadows of the city, very early in his career. Bruce Wayne's story has him listed that he was in a "car crash" for his current handicap state. The various crime families and psychopaths that infest the city are starting to notice the disappearance of the Bat now and the city is becoming a cesspool of lawlessness once again. The game is primarily using the movies Batman Begins/The Dark Knight as its main source in the dark reality of the world and the fact that no other superheroes exist. This doesn't mean that some of Bat's villains with superpowers aren't going to show up at some point. I may throw in some known DC characters as their non-super selves around in the news or in Gotham City itself still just for the fun of it.

The Rundown

With the start of the new school year I have lost a few players. Because of that I'm going to reopen up a game ad to see if I can round up another player or two so I can at least get the group back up to a full size for what I wanted. So again I am looking for *2* players to refill now open slots. I will be leaving the ad up with no cut off at this point in time until I can find said replacements. I highly recommend people look over the game forum to get an idea of how the world is set up and what is going on within it.

Now for anyone that didnt see the original ad I will give the the setup once more: All characters will be part of the Gotham City Police Department, as sworn officers. Because of this there are a few minimum requirements to builds, since I do honestly want realistic officers. XP will be handed out to players after I get a base character presented to me and it is approved. I don’t give out extra XP before general character creation is complete to have people prove they can make well rounded characters and avoid people from front loading. Not knowing if you’re getting 5 or 30 XP forces you to build a workable character out of the gate. If you want to be a detective and can’t make the minimum at creation, keep in mind the additional XP I will be giving out. As you can be a newly promoted Detective if you can meet the requirements at that point. Let me know if you will be planning to build for a Detective please. Also keep in mind I will most likely be paring characters as well. It is very likely that the two players I accept will be working together as partners on patrol or as detectives together depending on the applications given.

Allowed Source Books

World of Darkness Core, Dogs of War, Asylum, Armory, Tales from the 13th Precinct, Midnight Roads
If it comes from ANY other source book, I MUST approve it first.


Please post applications in this thread.

Character Sheet

Game Description:

Gotham's Finest
Batman has vanished. The Caped Crusader is no longer patrolling the streets of Gotham. Crime and corruption have once again begun to flood the city streets. Can the men and woman that walk the thin blue line of the Gotham City Police Department handle the evil that threatens their city? Will they risk everything to protect their city from becoming Hell on Earth or will they become part of the cancer if only to manage to survive?

Gotham's Finest Wiki

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Gotham's Finest - Game of the Week Award Winner
Application incoming, I'll have a flatfoot for you sometime tonight

interested. I'd be making a detective.
changed my mind. plain copper.

Kurt Flannery

Dective Ernest Dillis

I know he doesn't meet the minimum right now. With any xp I'd buy up his social side first, then resources and contacts, if there were enough left over I'd like buy up Intel 3 but if not that's ok.

EDIT: finished off the sheet, will add equipment later, will be standard issue, whatever that means in Gotham

@Brick - so long as he meets the minimum for basic officer at base creation you'll be able to finish off for Detective with the additional XP I give out.

@Hexadizmal - I will need a background. Especially to explain why your character would have a license to practice medicine and write prescriptions yet has become a patrol officer and somehow still able to maintain said license. I also need a reference to your item list as they are not the standard issue gear and I'm not familiar what book said armor is located in.
*if its not from an official NWoD book, I'm not allowing it

all the items I gave him I found in the WoD Tales from the 13th Precinct book. It just said those are the things cops have. pg 68, Tools Of The Trade, is what the header is. I'm fine with him not having those things, I just assumed since they where in the book he would have them.
and yes, I am still writing a background. It will indeed be interesting to work that medical thing in, and I will try, but I may end up scrapping that status all together, for simplicity's sake.

I'm more referring to a hard stat chart listing with it. Sorry if I wasnt clear on that. You or the book can call it whatever you want, but it would be called kevlar vest still for armor purposes unless it gives a different set of stats.

The glock is fine. For item purposes Gotham Police do not carry PR Baton and instead have the collapsible/telescoping metal baton. pg30 of the Armory book.

Also Homicide is not a requirement, Ernie could go anywhere and do his best. Depending on what you need/ who's being replaced.

as a new detective you'll probably be a *floater* working on various different cases for a bit. Then based on your skills we'd put you in a paticular divison.


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