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Legends of Sola

Legends of Sola - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Tomorrow is your big day.

You grew up in a tiny, peaceful, isolated country. Nothing particularly unusual or exciting has ever happened to you. Tomorrow you'll take your first steps into adulthood by passing through an initiation ceremony at the temple of Vascau.

Of course all hell is going to break loose, somewhat literally.

In this campaign, you'll be forced to leave your
mild to moderate risk of home country being destroyed
home country despite being woefully unprepared and explore the wide world of Sola in order to find the information, people, and tools you'll need to defeat evil and save the day.

Campaign Overview
System: Dungeons & Dragons 5E
Setting: homebrew (Sola)
Starting Level: 0 (see Character Creation)
Players Needed: 3-6 (the player roster will necessarily expand to 7 by the end of the campaign, but we can start with as few as three)
Genre: Cinematic noblebright heroic high fantasy adventure

Applications (deadline 8/8)

Game Description:

A group of young nobodies from a tiny, isolated community (y'all) are compelled to leave everything familiar and reunite their ancestors' alliance in order to prevent the return of an ancient evil.

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I've got my first couple completed applications in, and may start issuing invitations and starting some action as early as 1 August, but will continue accepting new applications through 8 August.

I'm getting a lot of arcane casters and I would love to see some more martial and divine types.

You may notice that all the other applications have disappeared. I've made them all private to the applicants for reasons.

I've been informed that making the application threads private made it difficult for the applicants to find them and continue working on them.

Application threads have been reset to public.

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