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Eberron: Q'Barra 3.5

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Eberron: Q'Barra 3.5

Q'Barra the Untamed - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Eberron

Opening up the game for applications!

Looking for 5-6 players, any questions feel free to reach out in the OoC.

Game Description:

Q'barra the land destined to be New Galifar!

With your help these uncultivated lands can be transformed with your help. We seek to uplift these lands for proper settlement and bring real civilization to an untouched coast. We need your help to tame this wildland, push back the savage locals, and make this land the new home for those who support King Sebastes will be proud. Come to Newthrone and aid in the quest. Long live our leader, our way of life, and our prosperous future.
--Recruitment Flier of the New Galifar movement.

Beer spills over the parchment paper in Hope as a patronís mug overturns, its owner overcome with the fervor of gambling sweeping half the tavern. A round of Quon a Drensal or ďRun of LuckĒ had a high coin count and the lizards were running!
Waxillum spilled what passed for ale in the city as he awaited his masterís invited clients. In truth he wasnít all that upset with this request, all the names of the list were people had worked with in the past. Pliable in moral positioning, trustworthy as much as one could count, and from his understanding needing in coin or to escape the civilized world.

He snickered at all those about him, oh what changes this place would see.

Setting: Eberron (Slightly Customized)
Starting Level: 6
Stats: 32 Point Buy
Bonus: Additional bonus feat @lv 1 (This stacks with the Humanís free feat.)
Flaws?: Yes 1 Flaw-> 1 Feat (Max 2)
Races: Liberal options (preference for Eberron Races)

So, would you mind saying a bit more about what sort of game you want to run? Also, you mention races but not classes. What limitations are there on those?

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