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New Age of Guardians

Guardians of Sixty Second Street - Forum

The Goldens stopped cars with an outstretched fist and leapt over tall buildings in a single bound... And they were trailblazers.

The Silvers shook the world with their footfalls and protected the world from psychadelic horrors... And they were unknowable.

The Bronzes saw the world from street-level and people jeered and cursed to see their gods exposing society's clay feet... And they were stalwart.

What will you be?

Welcome to my game of Masks, the wonderful game of superheroics and teenage angst from Magpie Games. This game will be set in the default Halcyon City, with the PCs all attending the same public school on Sixty-Second street. Be prepared to pound the streets as you're building your heroic reputation. Do you let the horror circus wait until after school, or do you ditch early and risk getting cut from the football team (and losing that scholarship!)? Those questions and more await you inside.

Game Description:

This is a game of Masks, set in the default setting of Halcyon City. Characters will be students at PS 56, an inner-city high school caught between just trying to survive and helping students thrive. Players can expect to confront street-level and poverty-driven crime as much as interdimensonal invaders or Hell-powered circuses.

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No joke, this morning at work I was thinking "man, I'd really love to join a superhero game on myth-weavers with insert chracter concept here!"

So application incoming, no surprise.

Going to have to strongly consider this.

How many characters are you accepting? Should I even bother putting together an application now or am I out of luck?

Originally Posted by renjikuchiki1 View Post
How many characters are you accepting? Should I even bother putting together an application now or am I out of luck?
I'm looking at three or four PCs. I'm going to give things a couple more weeks, as it is going into Gencon and plenty of people are busy in Indiana this weekend.

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