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Join my open world game!

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Join my open world game!

A Bad Landing - Forum

Do you want to play in an open-world free-for-all where everyone's out for themselves but may need to work together to survive? Well, you should want to, so come and join us! No experience or anything required because the system is designed so that you don't need to have the first clue what's going on in order to use it.

You wake up with no clue where you are or how you've got here, and attempt to discover the mysteries of a new world. Players can absolutely end up fighting other players, or a variety of nasty NPCs who will maybe try to eat you and such.

I'm accepting as many people as want to play - the more the merrier - and let's see if we can turn it into at least an interesting clusterflub, if still a clusterflub.

Game Description:

The airship crashes and you're the only survivor. The teleportation spell goes wrong and you end up somewhere you didn't expect. You're washed ashore for one reason or another. You wake up somewhere that you definitely didn't go to bed. Whatever the case, you're here now... and you have nothing but the clothes on your back to keep you company. Do you have what it takes to survive?

There's another couple of catches: one, you don't choose where on the map you start. Two, you don't even know what the map looks like. Three, you only have the slightest of ideas how the system I'm running this in works. That slightest of ideas is as follows:

You have 9 statistics: Might (MT), Dexterity (DX), Agility (AG), Vigour (VG), Intellect (IN), Awareness (AW), Personality (PR) and Will (WL) start at 1; Magic (MG) starts at 0.

Each skill is based on two statistics, such as Intimidate (MT-PR) or Blood Magic (VG-MG). The skill list is as follows:

Melee Defence (MT-DX), Athletics (MT-AG), Melee attack (MT-VG), Craft (MT-IN), Focus (MT-AW), Intimidate (MT-PR), Resist (MT-WL), Unleashed Magic (MT-MG);
Ranged Attack (DX-AG), Grab (DX-VG), Deflect (DX-IN), Operate (DX-AW), Trickery (DX-PR), Disable (DX-WL), Task Magic (DX-MG);
Ranged Defence (AG-VG), Stealth (AG-IN), Dodge (AG-AW), Perform (AG-PR), Acrobatics (AG-WL), Finesse Magic (AG-MG);
Heal (VG-IN), Perceive (VG-AW), Overcome (VG-PR), Injury (VG-WL), Blood Magic (VG-MG);
Disguise (IN-AW), Deceive (IN-PR), Flux (IN-WL), Ritual Magic (IN-MG);
Persuade (AW-PR), Insight (AW-WL), Balance Magic (AW-MG);
Distress (PR-WL), Volatile Magic (PR-MG);
Channelled Magic (WL-MG).

Injury, Flux and Distress represent your capacity not to take wounds, harm, death, taint, corruption, possession, trauma, affliction, and insanity. Resist, Deflect, Dodge and Overcome are all saving throws.

You start with 100 advancement points. You can buy a stat boost to from 1 to 2 (0 to 1 for magic) for 50, a first-level spell (requires 1 MG) for 25, or a skill boost for 20 - you can also buy an extra wound, taint, or trauma box for 10 or harm, corruption or affliction box for 5.

If you want to know what the specific types of magic are... well, I might be able to give you a hint or two if you ask nicely. I might even let you choose what types of spells you want to know...

What do you want from characters?

Currently I am thinking
stat boost to magic for 50
first level spell for 25
skill boost in perform for 20
extra harm box for 5

Im curious about this one, so count me in xD

Tomorow ill go to game page to create my character as it is late here now

Hey there ! I'm new to this forum and interested in the game ! I'm not certain to be able to post very regularly after christmas though. Tell me if it is still possible

Is this game still looking for players? Or has it been abandoned/avoided? Looking for something simple enough to get back in to regular posting.
EDIT:: Just read through the game forum. the GM is out.

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