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Hidden in the Shadows

Hidden in the Shadows - Forum
Pathfinder - Golarion

Applications end on the 2nd of October

Game Description:

Game Description:

A war has begun in Golarion and all soldiers have been called to arms to help with the war effort. Meanwhile the town's are left virtually without guards, which is the prefect time for the criminal underworld to cement it's position in their town.

You will start in Fort Bandu in Sargava, working for a man known simply as the Founder, who runs a criminal organisation is Fort Bandu. The organisation is called Ironclad, you joined this group a year ago and have been trying everything to raise your position. When you just began to think that all hope was lost of that happening, a whisper dotted about the lower members of the organisation that the Founder needed a certain job completed and if it was done to his satisfaction then those select few members may be called upon again in the future for more tasks.

I shall be looking for 5 players for this game, if you have any questions just ask I will be happy to answer them.

Oh, an chance to make an evil character~ Hard to resist, there are so few games for the not so good alignments out there. Let's see if I can make an interesting one in time.

It's nice not to have alignment restrictions, if only to justify making necromancers

I was recently informed that my Witch in another game cannot take the Cook People ability (not that we'll ever get to that level) because apparently that's not cool.

Cook people ability? Psh! All you need is cook as a profession. I wonder if you could do something with craft? Everyone should know that children are the best witch treats.

Hm. Wonder if a Paladin would fit in such a game...

Probably not, but I have other characters. Still, worth a glance.


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