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Ascension: Becoming a deity

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Ascension: Becoming a deity

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I am Saithorthepyro, and I am going to be running a game where common citizens of a large city in your standard fantasy setting become part of a world-wide phenomenon where people are becoming gods. Or at the very least, potential gods, as divine power sustained just off oneself is fragile and easier to snuff out than actual gods. Do you have what it takes to survive and finish your ascension? And what has caused this mass ascension across the world in the first place?

For those who saw it, the rules used in this game will be a modified version of the ones used by Gzregor for his Gods Awaken game, modified slightly. They are all inside the forum. The game will be using both the Spheres system in addition to DSP's Psionics and Paths of War. Do not feel that this means you have to pick one of these classes.

There will not be much setting detail. I have a barebones description of the city the game is initially set in, but I do not want to limit the options of what the setting is like if you have a concept in mind. I will ask that the new ascended be a commoner, your typical NPC, versus an actual adventurer.

Character Generation rules are located here:
Do note that some of the god rules are located in the Divine Index folder.

Game Description:

Yesterday, you were a nobody in the world of Elokar. In a world filled with high adventure, fantasy, dragons, dungeons, adventurers, and gods, you were just a common citizen of the city of Lativo, a city of half a million people. A fisherman, blacksmith, city watchman, common thief, weaver, innkeeper, and so on. But that all changed today. Something has changed you, transformed you into new forms, with strange powers at your fingertips, and you are not the only one. Ascension, the beginning of the path to being a deity, has occurred at a massive scale across the city, dozens of new deities in Lativo alone. The seeds of godhood have been planted across the entire world. Few will be ready for the chaos that follows. Now it is time for the rest to unfold.

I am totally interested!

Will we be working together as a group or pursuing our own agendas? How much of a sandbox is this game going to be as well.

Group was the planned one, and while there are plot points planned out a fair bit will also be sandbox.

This looks amazing. I like the concept. Very cool.

Originally Posted by GastonChk View Post
I would like to apply for this Campaign, it looks interesting actually
Feel free to do so inside the forum.

An Update: The deadline to create an app is one week from today. You will have more time to finish your app, but not to create it.


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