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Come Dwaves! Lets do the Succession again!

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Come Dwaves! Lets do the Succession again!

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Any questions, please pop on in. Lets do this!

Game Description:

"Strike The Earth!"
Hello Myth Weavers! It has come to my attention that there are quite a few of us who love this old classic game of intrigue, guile, wit and FUN so I have put it on myself to organise and facilitate a succession game!

I have already seeded the World of "Zaludróth: The Future Domain" through 519 years of world generation here, and there are just about 1.25 million historical events prior to our Dwarf team landing.

Those interested please post in the future ruler thread to claim a term to rule! In addition the "rules of play" as well as landing location are to be determined by voting process, lets see what madness lies in the land we claim.

I will be hosting all the files on my Google Drive (I have made a public folder for uploading and downloading) and I will be keeping a backup file of each person's term in case we are required to revert.

The goal here is to weave a story through the events that occur in your term of the game and to tell the story from the perspective of your Dwarf - Lets have "Fun"! May the Carp be favourable to us.

The Map of Zaludróth

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Posting Status: Halting / Holding Pattern
I'm still looking for more folks who want to join in. We haven't started and we are deciding on a starting location currently

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