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Frozen Frontier

Fate's Frozen Frontier - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e

Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake
The only other sound’s the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
-Robert Frost

Game PremiseYou are already a hearty band of adventurers, having set out on a few small quests and made a name for yourselves. This fame has reached the ears of Aceus, a merchant guildmaster in the far north. It is the breeding season for fur seals, a lucrative business, and the trade guilds take the flow of furs seriously. He has sent a letter requesting your aid at once for an undisclosed problem, and he promises gold and favors for your success. You buy gear for an expedition in the icy wastes, then head out, eager to see what new adventure awaits!

Hello. My name is Amanda, but please just call me Fate. I've been a member at the Weave for a long time now, but like every part of life my time here has ebbed and flowed. Right now I would like to introduce myself as your possible future DM. I do have a good bit of experience with roleplaying, in particular D&D 3.5e, which is what we'll be running this game in. On a PbP forum I normally like to run a game with a heavy focus on roleplaying, but I feel like that is a cliche thing to say because I see it so often. I will tell you I don't enjoy high powered caster-blasters or characters that reek of 'special snowflake.' I'll want a mix of fair and balanced characters for the fun of all involved. If you are interested in my DMing style, on my profile you will see many of my games where I play and DM. Although the emphasis in all of those games is different, my style as a DM and a PbP poster will be similar. If you have any questions about my DMing style please do not hesitate to speak up. The worst I can do is bite.

I will be joined in this game by my long-time kibitzing expert Jo Jampa. He will help as needed, and be assured that any answer he gives is the same as if I did. He is smart, meticulous, and he has a keen eye for shenanigans, so none of those.

I have a lot of game information in the General Applications Thread over at the game forum. If you might be interested in this game, after reading through all my yacking here, head on over and look at the information there too. Please read it as you consider applying to this game. It has important information about the applications I hope to receive. If you are still hanging on, feel free to make a character thread in the applications folder and you can get started on letting me know who you'd like to bring to my game world.

Game at a GlanceLevel: 4
Stats: 34 Point Buy
Sources: Almost anything WotC, but not Incarnum, Tomb of Magic, or setting specific books.
Classes: Generic Classes ONLY
Starting Equipment: 7,000 gp, with no one item over 3,500gp in value. Yes this is high. Your level is low for this adventure, so it balances out.

Much more detailed information is available in the General Applications Thread over at the game forum.

Applicant Guidelines
Even more than picking a character, I tend to debate my choice of players. A good group of players can make any group of characters work, and a poor match of players will derail even the best character team. So please understand this list of applicant guidelines as you consider this game.
  • Please be able to post in the IC game thread once per weekday. I post daily and I expect you to keep up.
  • Be aware of plot and game progression, and use your posts to help. You don't have to push, but don't do nothing.
  • I do not expect or require players to post a huge detailed post every time. I won't.
  • When in doubt, use the rule of three: What is your character thinking, doing, and saying. Put that in each post and you're good.
  • I'm a story-teller, and the Rule of Cool applies. If it's cool, cinematic and epic, screw the rules- I'll probably allow it. If this grates against your rules lawyer soul, we are not meant to play together.
  • Unless I tell you otherwise, assume you can play with the scenery to help craft the story.
  • Please make a solid attempt to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I am not perfect and you don't have to be either, but please proofread and edit.
  • Do not powergame. I will win.
  • Do not fight with other players or characters. I will toss you out.
  • Be respectful to each other. Always.
  • I do not have a set time that I plan to end recruitment, but it will be at least after March 18th. This will give you a minimum of two weekends and one full week to work on your characters. In general, interest tends to die off after an initial surge, and I don't want to drag it out. Unless something happens to change it, selections will be during that week after the 18th.
    UPDATE: Final cut off will be Wednesday March 21, with selections on Friday March 23. We will begin play after the weekend, once everyone has a complete sheet.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading and your interest in my game. Happy Weaving.

Game Description:

In the arctic north, the late winter is terrible. The sea pounds the icy coasts, and bitter storms whip the landscape. This season also brings great riches, for this is the breeding season for fur seals, which swarm ashore to mate and bear their young. These animals have marvelous hides, highly prized by the wealthy nations farther south. Traders' guilds often maintain small mercantile towns in the wastes, providing bases from which hunters roam out to gain the precious fur.

One particularly rich hunting ground is known as the Pohjolan Field, a peninsular glacier named after a mythical nation of evil. The local mercantile town of Winterwolf is small but well established - however, after years of surviving the cold, the local hunters may be driven away by marauding bandits! It is here that the PCs are called to, with a letter from Aceus, the merchant guildmaster for Winterwolf. He is seeking your help in defeating these bandits and restoring the profitable trade they disrupted!

It's December, it's busy. Hang in there everyone.
"Instant caltrops is now Amanda's super power."

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It's nothing personal, I love your games, I just seem to have a problem creating in or connecting to games that deviate too much from 3.5. I'd rather not disappoint, myself or you...

Originally Posted by Wiz View Post
It's nothing personal, I love your games, I just seem to have a problem creating in or connecting to games that deviate too much from 3.5. I'd rather not disappoint, myself or you...
what...thats not what you told me that day! I'm running in circles over it and yiou are saying what I said,,,,

Congratulations Call Me Fate!

Fate's Frozen Frontier has been selected as Weaving Myths' Season 2, Episode 4 Game of the Week!

Weaving Myths S2E4 can be listened to here: Click Me!
To find out more about Weaving Myths, check out its thread, here: Click Me!

Best of luck with your game, and once again, congratulations!

--The Myth Weavers Staff

Congrats Fate!

Congratulations, Fate!

Congrats Fate!

Just one more question regarding the game. How would you describe the theme? Is it investigation / exploration / dungeon-crawl?
According to the initial description we are to look for bandits but I know that the way the story begins can be faaar different from what it in fact is.

I prefer players make their character based on a concept and theme they like, rather than too strong of an idea what is coming. Ground the character in the world, not the next adventure.

That said I will advise that this adventure will have little to no dungeon crawling, and will focus more on investigation and discovery while surviving the dangers in the Frozen North. Just don't make a character that's pure Frozen North survival and investigation expert. That's not fun for anyone but you. And who knows where the next adventure will take you.


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