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Road Wars - D20 Modern Post Apocalypse

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Road Wars - D20 Modern Post Apocalypse

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D20 Modern

Road Wars
Road wars is a d20 apocalypse game set 100 years after an atomic warfare. For 50 years as the radiation and nuclear fallout subsided what was left was torn apart and looted by the survivors spinning off a second even more brutal round of war. Now that things have settled and the major instruments of warfare are gone there are those who wish to bring back the old cities, and plenty more who don't...

Hello all, I have been on the weave for a number of years on and off again. I have an abundance of free time again so decided to try another campaign idea of mine. The game will be making abundant use of the d20 apocalypse rules and I am pretty open to what I allow. You can find the full character creation details here and any world info I have complete here. That being said I am still working on a couple things though everything is done for the most part.

I am accepting 4 players and this ad will be up for roughly a month (Ends: April 12th). Should give me enough time to finish everything I need to, although I might end it early depending on how things are looking. Any questions please feel free to ask them here or the thread I have posted in the game forum.

Game Description:

The year is 2120 and humanity is but a shell of what it used to be...

100 years since the nukes fell
The radiation has long been gone but the damage remains.
In the aftermath the wars only continued to rage, shattered countries play host to a game of thrones as countless pretenders take up abandoned arms and set forth to create their empires of war and destruction.

The aftermaths wars were even more brutal then the bombs...

100 years of war
War begets war and it would seem it would never end.
The day the bombs fell those that survived knew the violence wasnt over and they couldnt have been more right. Guns were too avaliable in a world where the goverment ceased to exist overnight. What countries remained were left struggling for Self-sufficiency as the remains of broken armies rose again and again to clash in the hands of zealous new conquerors. But war fueled by abandoned military hardware could only last as long as the supply. Out of need new war machines are formed and the era of the road wars begins.

D20 Modern, 3.5e, Pathfinder......(Live, laugh, love)

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Originally Posted by DiESF1RST View Post
Is the idea here to take part in the war or merely to survive it?
Its up to the players.. there is one side that wants the war to end so society can rebuild and another that likes it just the way it is and wants it to continue. Which side you join with and/or help is completely up to you. Help tear the country apart and destroy what progress has been made or fight the rising tide and finally bring about peace.

Going to close the ad in little over two weeks maybe sooner if I don't get anymore response. Some reason it auto closed? Wasn't aware they do that now but will keep it an eye on it.

Ad is closing in little under two weeks so get your app in now if your interested.

Would you allow a pathfinder class with vigilante that's got the brute variant? Would seem quite fitting for the setting. Might have to twerk the skill list slightly to match modern.

Sure sounds interesting.. can we call you the wasteland hulk? lol

Heh, I'm you g to read up on the area to come up with a concept but if I pick green skin, then the shoe fits


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