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Greyhawk Undying - 2nd Edition

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I am looking for 1-8 players to join a few of my existing players as they go through the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk dungeons in a home-designed plot, along the course of their own journey which everyone will be welcome to join when this game is finished. I, or I should say we, are especially looking for players to fill the following niches:

1. A thief, either single, dual or multi-class, who can find/remove traps well and be prepared to be a freelancer in the city of Greyhawk, also known in some quarters as the city of thieves. They may try to push you out, if you don't join the guild. Someday, the big sword featured in this game might be yours to wield. It takes a character who is part thief at least to use it.

2. A druid. A bit off for the game, but nature does extend underground after all. And if you do well, there may be a special scimitar for you in the distant future, if you'd like to picture that.

3. A bard-skald, who someday will be able to use another one of the five swords the other players need to find someone to do. You traveled to the city to help keep the swords out of the hands of evildoers and monsters.

4. A wizard with offensive magic spells. The party has an enchanter already, and her apprentice, just a 1st level wizard.

5. A paladin. The party could really use the help.

6. A cleric.

Game Description:

This game is set in the City of Greyhawk, the city that bears the name of one of the oldest D&D campaign settings, and one of the most famous cities of all the settings. The ruins of Castle Greyhawk are one of the oldest, and most famous of all dungeons ever made. Some heinous is afoot there. Rumors of this group of adventurers or that, and what they found...or their doom, have been common in the taverns for years. But they often mentioned these two groups of demi-humans collecting taxes by two of the towers in the ruins...and now they're the ones who've disappeared. Were they suddenly slain by adventurers strong enough to do that, who might easily afford the taxes at their level in that case, or did a menace get unearthed by one of the latest expeditions? And is it roaming the countryside now, as we speak?

Into this mix of rumor and suspicion comes a party of adventurers from the distant southwest, from the Yeomanry. They speak of a plot by the half-orc warlord, Turrosh-Mak, who came to the ruins recently to find an ancient magic sword hidden somewhere in one of the dungeons underneath. He must not be allowed to acquire it, for it would enable the wielder to bring unity to normally divided forces; making it the perfect weapon for a humanoid general like himself. It would be better off in the hands of a good nation, and a warrior serving a good liege. They would use it to make peace. These adventurers from the Yeomanry have the support of their own lords' council, and that of the good king of Keoland. They have been inquiring across the city in the taverns and mercenary guildhall for some brave adventurers who can accompany them into the ruins, and beat Turrosh-Mak's forces to the sword. You may even join them later in their quest to put that sword to good use, but that will be for another game...

This is a down and dirty dungeon crawl, some might say gritty, with old-school graphing paper and no fudging of any dice rolls. It's magic-powerful, but not overly so in my opinion (and I appreciate a game with relatively few magic items, though there is an abundance in these ruins). The adventure is the star of the show. Come to visit the actual dungeon halls designed originlly by Gary Gygax himself, and be a part of the magic that is Greyhawk Undying.

Originally Posted by Devorum View Post
Are you still recruiting?
Oh, yeah! I have had a lot of applications, but a few people have withdrawn and a couple others don't seem like they're going anywhere. So by all means, go ahead and start making a new character. I'll let everyone know when they're accepted at about the same time, which will be next week as I am going to a convention this weekend. I may get a few people there interested in playing in this, too, because there is a lot of old AD&D players there and they love Greyhawk.

There are 2 openings as of right now. The only particular role from the list above unfilled still is a druid, so if you want to play one of those we'll make room for you anyway.

There are still 3 openings right now. We were trying to use ability score generation method I, of 3d6 in order, but it proved frustrating to many applicants.

So if anyone wants to return, if they can use the following scores, they can create new characters again:


assigned to taste.

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