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Earthlings in Glimmerspire

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Earthlings in Glimmerspire

Earthlings in Glimmerspire - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e

I have lost two people from my currently active game and would like to find replacements.

The game is taking place within the Kingdom of Glimmerspire, set in a setting currently referred to as the Sundered World. The idea behind Sundered World is that everything and everywhere started as a single world, and that every setting and plane is connected by the fact they started as a whole. This connection can result in 'stuff' bleeding through. That means that every legend and tale you have heard could be true to some degree (Merlin, dragons, bigfoot, and Nessie for examples). In this case the PCs are humans from earth that have bled into Glimmerspire, with the hows, whys, and wheres unknown to them.

Character Creation at the glance
Level 1
30 point buy
Sticking to official WOTC (D&D, FR, Eberron) with some limitations on classes.

Recruitment will be open a minimum of two weeks. New characters will just be retconned to have been with the group without the sloppy need for working them in. If you feel there is something that needs to be worked out for in character reasons, that can be arranged.

One restriction I have been asked to make, is to state that having an arsenal of firearms is not going to fly. While guns are a thing for earth, having a duffel bag full of them and/or supplies feels very out of character for a normal day.

Edit: Final deadline for this round of recruitment will be set for March 14th 11:59pm CST. Decisions will be made in the days following.

Game Description:

The Old One gave life to the Five and a vast world for them, he then did sleep the great sleep.
So to did the Five give life and so did they take it, for the Five knew only strife between them.
T'was with heart so heavy that after waking, did the Old One do some breaking.
Not of sons nor daughters, but of the world so vast.

A game in which five humans from earth are transported to a fantastical setting. What will become of them?

What has happened so far:

Inexplicably a group of earthlings vanished from their subway car and arrived in the den of something, before exiting to realize they have no idea where they are. They observed a mounted soldier (Brened) do battle with a hairy beast, a gnoll, and slay it. After which they appear to have befriended him. Together they made their way to the town of Redhallow, which is suffering from a flameless burning blight. Each of the earthlings has their own reason, but all have decided to try and help the people of Redhallow.

During their investigation of a couple buildings, they have managed to gather a small arsenal of archaic weapons and armor.

Between the celestial bodies, the armored soldier, the gnoll, unfamiliar names and now the blight, they are starting to come to strange conclusions.

(Reference page)

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