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Looking for Alternate-Reality Superheroes

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Looking for Alternate-Reality Superheroes

Marvel Exiles: Domino Theory - Forum
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

Marvel eXiles: Domino Theory is once again down to four players. I'm looking for two more players to bring the total back up to six.

For those unfamiliar with the premise, eXiles was about a team of superheroes (originally all X-Men) drawn from separate timelines and thrust together with the mission of repairing broken timelines before they damaged the fabric of the Multiverse.

Player Characters in Marvel eXiles: Domino Theory are alternate reality versions of established Marvel characters (both Heroes and Villains) so you need to take an existing character from an existing Marvel timeline and then modify events from their history to create a radically different version of the character-- a twisted reflection of the version of the character that appears in the official comics.

If you want to apply, make a post here to indicate your interest and then post three different character pitches in the Applicant Discussion thread. Approved characters will be added to the team at the beginning of their next mission, which I am currently estimating will be in five weeks from the date of this edit. (07 March 2018)

A valid character pitch consists of:
  • Identity: The real name and/or codename of the character, plus the name of the original version if it is different.
  • Twist: The point of divergence from the orginal history that caused your character to go down a different road
  • Summary: A brief description of your character's status quo in their own timeline, leading up to their untimely death.
  • Relationships: They key players in your character's supporting cast and Rogue's Gallery, who should also be alternate versions of existing Marvel characters-- but maybe not the same friends and enemies as the original.

Heroes and Villains are both acceptable, both as the source of original characters, and as a result of your Twists. The only stipulation is that they must be capable/willing of working with other characters to accomplish shared goals-- which is why characters like Frank Castle and Kletus Kasady are off-limits without an appropriate Twist.

The following character types are off-limits:
  • Sorcery d12: Doctor Strange, Doctor Doom, any Sorcerer Supreme, or equivalent reality-warpers like Franklin Richards, Wanda Maximoff or Mikhail Rasputin.
  • Hulks: Hulk, Red Hulk, She Hulk, any Hulk, Abomination.
  • Gods: Gods, godlike beings, or cosmic entities. Asgardians like Valkyrie are okay.
  • Murderhobos: Characters prone to disrupting the game by killing random/important people are not okay. This includes most versions of Frank Castle or Cletus Kasady.

The following character types are more likely to be accepted:
  • A-Listers: In most superhero games, picking an obscure character makes you more interesting. In an eXiles game, the opposite is true-- the more mainstream and iconic your base character is, the more impact your Twist is going to have on the other players.
  • Characters with Powers: The campaign premise shuts down a lot of the opportunities non-powered characters have to make an impact on the world.
  • Alternate Timelines: Characters based on timelines that existed for more than a single series: Marvel Cinematic Universe, MC2, 2099, 1602, Age of Apocalypse, and so forth.
  • Spider-Totems: Characters that could have been featured in Spider-Verse.
  • Symbiotes: Characters that are bonded with or otherwise connected to klyntar symbiotes, like Venom.
  • Super-Soldiers: Characters created or modified by Project Rebirth, Weapon X, Weapon Plus, or any of their offshoots, including Deathloks.
  • Street-Level Spacers & Mystics: Characters who work in the mystic and cosmic theaters, but aren't massively powerful themselves: Abigail Brand, Blade, Rocket, Peter Quill, Mania, Nico Minoru, Henry McCoy.

If you're looking for ideas, be sure to check out Open Character Pitches. These characters are available for anyone to play, but they do not replace the three character pitches required in the application.

Current Roster:
  • Detective Remy LeBeau of the New Orleans Police Department.
  • Cosmo, Chief of Security for Knowhere Station, by mutual agreement of the most dangerous criminal organizations in Known Space.
  • Commodore May Parqaugh of Her Majesty's Royal Navy, captain of the HMS Mayhem, scourge of pirates and warlocks
  • Doctor Otto Octavious, better known as Doctor Infinity of the Avengers.

Former Members:
  • Araņa, former child superhero driven to villainy in pursuit of vengeance
  • Ironheart, shell-shocked veteran of the war against Hydra Supreme, Steven Rogers.
  • Shaman America, the first man to undergo the Ritual of Rebirth to become the mystical protector of the American people, seventy long years ago and counting.
  • The Captain, long-lost hero of WW2 reawakened to become an implacable foe of the American Nazi regime.

Game Description:

Marvel Exiles: Domino Theory is a roleplaying game based on Marvel Comics' eXiles and X-Treme X-Men comics, in which haphazard teams of alternate reality heroes (and villains) must venture from broken timeline to broken timeline, fixing them before they collapse.

Viktyr C Gehrig
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If you are still following this thread, the PC Spoiler Embargo is ended-- discussing your character pitches with the other players is no longer prohibited, it is now mandatory. We have always been at war with Eastasia, and the Computer is your friend.

Please post your character pitches in the Applicant Discussion thread or risk being labeled a Commie Mutant Traitor.

Temptation to reincarnate B. J. Blaskowicz is very high. But it falls dangerously into the murderhobo territory.

Submitting pitches. I am familiar with MHR but never played, so might need some help gameplay wise if selected.


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