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The Lovers' Gambit - Need 1 Replacement!

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Greeting! We are looking for one replacement to our level 6-8 adventure! We are in need of a Cha based character of any variety, or perhaps a wisdom based backliner like a Ranger.

This selection process will be quick to keep this game moving! We currently have a Barbarian, a Fighter, and a Monk, we've just completed our first battle and the plot is thickening!

Feel free to check out the original ad below, and don't worry about the House Rules, they'll be explained in game and nobody has had a problem with them so far.

You cannot know from where the wind comes, nor where it is going. It is only in the moment that you know where it is leading you.

They were adventurers whose teeth had already been cut. Adventurers who had died a lifetime ago and been reborn from the ashes. They had caught a glimpse of that most precious of gems, which all seek but few will ever find: Wisdom, of the kind that comes only to those who dare to take the leap of faith, who learn to fly before they hit the ground.

Notches were under their belts. Their scars told stories of past battles won and lost. And though they had been battered by wind and rain, climbed mountains and sailed seas, fought monsters above ground and below, still they hungered for more. They sought more trials, more suffering, more danger.

They knew what they were after, and knew that it came only through a gauntlet of fire and flames. For to become a diamond, must not coal endure tremendous heat and pressure over vast expanses of time?

"Look there!" called one of them, pointing to the sky. It was an eagle, circling overhead. It had been following them for miles. But now, with a shriek it shot across the sky, to the East, where the sun had only begun to rise from behind the mountains.

Their eyes met. There could be no clearer sign.

Clouds of dust followed in their wake as they spurred their horses on, racing towards the horizon. For Adventure had beckoned, and they had answered the Call.

Greetings. I've been on Myth-weavers for a few years now, and I've DM'd a number of private games over the years, but this is my first open, public game.

This is a linear story-telling, archetypal adventure with a set beginning and finish. You will begin at level 6 and finish at level 8. It will be abundantly clear what direction I'm pointing you in, and I'd appreciate it if you oblige. Following the story keeps everyone focused, and it means I have a set workload (which is pretty much done), so I'm not burning out generating unforeseen content. I'm pretty serious about seeing this through, and I think this will help.

That being said, do you like mystery and adventure? Being the hero who confronts evil and helps those in need? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this campaign may be for you.

What is important is that you can appreciate a good story, you are a dedicated poster, you're okay with homebrew/resource management, and you're okay with how combat works (Check out House Rules).

Feel: A cross of Mythology, Sword and Sorcery, and Darkest Dungeon. Magic is mysterious, combat is more straightforward and heroic-feeling than tactical.

Rations and supplies are limited. Your characters have only so much Resolve, and will start to break down mentally when it is exhausted. Enemies are tough and usually have at least one trick up their sleeves. But it wouldn't be an adventure if it wasn't a challenge, and your characters will be all the more heroic for it when if they survive.

A lot of the homebrew, as previously mentioned, is inspired by Darkest Dungeon. If you know what that means, you know it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Pillars: Heavy Combat/resource management/roll-playing, middle Roleplaying and puzzle solving, minimal exploration (you proceed linearly through the story)

Setting: Tolkien-esque homebrew world. "Homebrew" is generous. I've purposefully not fleshed out the world just to keep everyone focused more on the story and what's happening in front of them. That being said, during character creation feel free to make something up.

Is this a one-shot? For right now, yes. I want to try this format out and see how it works, but I'd be more than happy to make another module like this if everyone's happy with it. I'd also like to do some world-building with the stuff people come up with when developing their characters. But that's months and months down the road so I'm not worrying about it too much right now.

Character Creation:
Applications here please. All the specifics are in that thread.

You DO NOT need to read the House Rules. I will explain them as they come up IC.

I will be making balance changes to those rules as needed.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Game Description:

A 5e Homebrew Module.

All that is gold does not glitter; not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither; deep roots are not reached by the frost.

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Shameless bump! A few more applicants requested!

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