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Glorantha - Forum
13th Age

Wanted players: 3 to 6.

Glorantha is a fully realized fantasy world. A cube world, in a Bronze age , so cities are small in number and size. The 13th age version of the game focuses on Dragon Pass. The world is ruled by twenty runes and even the gods align to them. Reality is falling apart while Chaos bring with it strange creatures and others strange phenomenon. With the world in turmoil, people of Dragon Pass have abandoned nations and kingdoms for enclaves, refuges and other small communities with their own rituals, issues and way of life.

The twenty runes are:

Air, Beast, Chaos, Darkness, Death, Disorder, Dragonewt, Earth, Fire/Sky, Harmony, Illusion, Life, Man, Moon, Movement, Plant, Spirit, Stasis, Truth and Water.

There are other minor runes and used by npcs only.

While the mortal world is still a dangerous place, heroes have access to the Hero plane, known as Heroquesting. In the hero plane, the heroes attempt to redo or sometime even surpass the deeds of the Gods, their myth. From these heroquest, you gain powers, gifts (magic items) and the likes.

Currently in the setting, reality is falling apart, as chaos is invading because of the Hero Wars.

In Glorantha your character is a heroquester who is magically different, more powerful than the normal people out there, an initiate and eventually a runemaster as you gain powers and experiences. Death is only a setback for your character, in this setting, demigods and heroes come back to life often, so people are mostly wondering how long it would take them to return to life.

The setting is also inclusive, and fantasy, so not every member of a certain culture has to share some similar characteristics, so feel free to make your character look like whatever you want. Most heroes in Glorantha are humans of different culture. Trollkins and Ducks are other available options.

There is a lot of information to take in, so we will start with a rather simple adventure, it introduces dragon pass and many concepts of the setting, such as a heroquest. It is straight from the book, so while you can read it, it will probably take a bit away from your own enjoyment:

The Adventure: A Priestess of Ernalda, Tavtessa, an experienced heroquester has recruited you and other initiates to complete a Myth in Snakepipe Hollow near Alda-Chur, a city nearby. This heroquest is easy enough for her but you might come in handy to fight off Chaos creatures if any show up. So the question is...why were you recruited? was it luck? reputation? skills? Or do you have other connections to her?

Post your applications here with a character description, why were you recruited for this adventure?

Game Description:

Welcome to Mythic Glorantha! A bronze age world, a world ruled by 20 runes.

Back to the future.

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Tricksters are fine. I mean, I would recommend to read the class attentively, as like they say, comic license is only available if you are actually funny and not made to drag the group down. If you don't have the book, should be noted that the class in general has a lower power level than the other classes (it's intentional), as they rely a lot on teamwork. So if your allies aren't on board or willing to play along...not going to be good quite honestly.

If we're familiar with the setting, are we allowed to choose different gods from the main seven? I for one would be interested in playing as a Helering.

If it's possible.. a Yelmalion/Yelm hoplite-mounted archer? It's possible in RQ so wondering if it is so with this system.

plans were canceled so will be available this weekend anyway:
@NewMars: Yes, other gods are possible. The Orlanthi Pantheon and Ernaldan are the main focus, Heler is part of the Orlanthi pantheon, he joined Orlanth after being enemy with him.

Heler is a God of Rain and has the Harmony and Water runes. Devotees are usually Helerites.
@Starhawk: Mounted combat is possible but you would need to be familiar with an online article of Pelgrane press Mounted Combat (sadly not free) but can potentially help someone do it. The mounted combat adventurer feat is focused on Prax, praxian and allows the character to know how to ride and fight on two mounts:

Bison, Bolo Lizard, High Llama, The Impala, Rhinoceros, Sable Antelope or Unicorn (unicorn requires fire/sky rune to even be allowed to be a rider)

While Praxian usually don't worship Yelm, maybe you have a reason for it, for your character.

Yelm runes are fire/sky and statis.

Yelm is Statis and fire/sky runes.

@Chaosemerald: The character I want to play though, is a devotee of Uroth, Heler's aspects of masculinity, martial power, movement and fertility. This aspect is extremely strongly linked to Heler's powers of movement, manifest in the motion rune.

Basically, the problem here is that the character I want to play is one conceived of based on the more extensive coverage of the god in heroquest. There, his runes are water and motion and he has little to do with the harmony rune. And the character I have in mind wouldn't be very well suited to harmony at all, as a rune. Would it be possible to play with Heler as Water+Motion instead?

@NewMars: I mean you can pick movement as your personal rune this part is not really an issue because remember you start with 3 runes. 2 of them comes from your god and one of them is your personal choice.

But well, if you really want to play with Uroth, the blue ram, sure you can have Water + Movement as your god runes. Then pick a third personal rune. Runes are mostly used for their narrative powers in 13G.

I wanna go with the latter, I think, because Harmony's just not a fitting rune for the character's personality. Thinking of going Water+Movement+Man, or possibly Dragonnewt.


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