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Supermonster High

Lake Silver - Forum

Welcome to Monsterhearts 2 (that's post modern for second edition everyone!). This is a game about drama, questions, uncomfortable answers and situations, and monstrousness. If you like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Being Human (UK or US), True Blood, CW shows, and other sources of drama this game might be for you.

Please note that Monsterhearts has many different twists and turns: It is unabashadley queer, it is psychological, it is cathartic, and it conforms to the story you want to be told. This is LGBTQ+ friendly without shame, it is open to new players with open arms, and it is dramatic as reality TV.

So, if this sounds interesting come and release your inner monster. A world for you awaits.

Game Description:

Welcome to Lake Silver, Florida. A quaint small town near the 'glades and full of that beautiful humidity. Not too many Snow Birds come down this way, nope. But there's a sweet little community here. Enough tourists coming through to support the place. Not much bad press coming out of Lake Silver. Mainly because people know how to keep their mouths shut.

Come and join us in Lake Silver. Craft the place with me, it is but a skeleton and Monsterhearts works best when given to both players and MC to create.

This is a Monsterhearts 2 game, that means second edition. Monsterhearts 2 is needed and I will be allowing Skins from Second Skins and Skin Deep in the game.

I made a book for Monsterhearts 2!

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Ooh, I wish I had the cash to get both books.

@Sephirothsword117, the PDFs for the Monsterhearts 2 book, Second Skins, and Skin Deep are $30 altogether. And I believe Anhe said they could help out with Skin Deep if you couldn't afford it, since they made it.

Eh, $30 is a bit much for me to be spending on new gaming PDF's right now.

And I still remember the last time I bough a PDF for a system for a PBP game. It was originally advertised as using Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition, but then the GM wanted to use something called Legends of Wulin for the game instead when they appeared, and I wound up shelling out like $50 bucks for the game because the GM assured me they could help me get a handle on the systems mechanics and it wouldn't be a big deal.

And then I didn't get a handle on the game fast enough for the GM's liking, so, I got asked to leave the game before the characters actually joined up IC. I've had, one other game offered in like, 4-5 years on that system since then, and that died almost as soon as it began form DM IRL issues.

And I was out the money.

I'm, rather leery of doing that again, particularly right now.

@Chimi: Do you like movies like May? Jennifer's Body? Ginger Snaps? American Werewolf in London? If you answered yes and those are your drama/horror movies then yes, this style of game can be for you. Though eating hearts literally may be a late game thing...unless you're VERY good at hiding it.
@Sephirothsword117 and @M3mentoMori if you would like I am more than able to work with you to better afford or procure my supplement.

@Anhedonia I backed the book and everything, and we had been discussing it on Discord the last couple nights a bit. I may be in if a good concept leaps to mind!

@Sephirothsword117 & @M3mentoMori

One good thing about Monsterhearts and other PbtA games is that usually you can get the basic rules references and character books for free from the publisher. It doesn't give you examples or anything, but it is basically everything you need to be able to play as a player

Reference Sheets and Core Skins

@TemerousNox: Thanks!


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