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Classic 2e Shadowrun?

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Ah, the original priority system. Where everybody takes A for money and nobody is metahuman. Good times.
It wasn't perfect, no. The GM could always work around that with for example a Karma build system, but I'm not sure if one exists for 2nd ed or if it would have to be fudged. He's right though, no one is likely to play a meta; on the bright side, no elves!

I don't remember everyone going A - $$$ though; I know $1M is a lot but unless you went cyber-happy or had a deck it was hard to use all of it.

The rulebook is up front about the priority system being weighted against metahuman characters in order to reflect the fact that metahumans are in the minority, but the result is pretty rough on anyone who wants to play a metahuman anyway. My group always used the optional allergies rule to boost metahuman characters attributes and skill points a little, at least until the Shadowrun Companion came out. After that we switched to the build point system and also used edges and flaws.

I was thinking; if Metahuman was a C instead of an A, would people use it more often?

I think I'd at least consider it at C. I think B is still too high, and D is probably too low.

The more I think on it, 2nd ed was a mess

Don't dis my lovely system!

I know it's far from perfect, but it's my far from perfect game!

I really liked 2e Shadowrun, I don't mind playing an Ork even if it means Priority A for Race. Also I hated how they divided the skill system in 3e and above. I prefer to play 2e to be honest

Originally Posted by TiffanyKorta View Post
Don't dis my lovely system!

I know it's far from perfect, but it's my far from perfect game!
I like 2E SR; it's the edition that brought me into the crazy Sixth World madness.


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