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Netflix's Marvel Content

The entire concept is creepy and gross, and I knew it would be a bland, weird attempt to push the creator's personal views. What's disturbing is why netflix is promoting it so much and I wish you could dismiss ads. I got like 12 notifications for it xD

I didn't watch the whole thing, but I have a feeling it won't get any better.

Folks, the topic of the thread is Netflix's Marvel Content, let's stay on topic. Also, Sex Education is decidedly not appropriate for the site, given the show's entire premise, and would best be not discussed on the forums.

Hey, sorry there, for some reason I forgot it was Marvel content and I just went with Netflix content.

Yes. ^ Luke cage was really good though, I liked the first season a lot. The action was great, and so was the story and character development. I feel like misty's constant anger issues were a bit dragged out, but otherwise it was fine. The second season had a lot of weird dead end plots and the characters you wanted to see leave early on, notably his girlfriend just goes away due to a random thing he does, basically his anger issues, that was never introduced as an element of his character in season 1.

They left season 2 on somewhat of a cliffhinger and discontinued the series so that's a bummer; we won't get to see him running the bar that was given to him by the stokes family. But it was kind of a weird ending anyways. The netflix shows have a weird habit of trying to reboot everything in the 2-3 season and create basically a brand new story, which is weird since we never get a resolution to the old stories and also makes it unfulfilling. I felt the same way about the punisher, it doesn't actually answer any previous questions or carry on based on the original plot or anything. It feels like a different TV show, and it's kind of like lost where they have a lot of build up that goes nowhere and then flatlines. It makes for a disappointing feeling, which is why the defenders did so bad. They also rewrite characters practically as polar opposites of the original, which also doesn't make sense.

Well, its over.

Punisher and Jessica Jones are officially cancelled at Netflix.

Though Jeph Loeb has posted a somewhat cryptic letter of hope to Marvel Television fans.


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