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Quick questions and answers

Have a new computer. Got CBloader working.
Got the AdventureTools (4E) onboard. But all the monster data is missing. Where do I find the file/what's the name of the file(s) with the monster info?

Originally Posted by Lothmar View Post
Sunbeam - In addition, the beam results in the destruction of any undead creature specifically harmed by bright light if it fails its save.

It's not a stretch to assume vampires are included in this right? Or is their vulnerability to daylight different then vulnerability to light in general?
I'm pretty sure that vampires are literally the single thing they had in mind when writing that spell. I don't think there's anything to which it applies more.

Think there are some shade/shadows/ghost types that are destroyed in sunlight too~

Right, but vamps are pretty much the platonic ideal of the concept.


Originally Posted by leons1701 View Post
Right, but vamps are pretty much the platonic ideal of the concept.
Vampires, other light-weak undead, certain fungi.

Anger of the Noonday Sun (SC) is a fun vamp-slayer also.


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