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Book of Mis-spells

Form of Doctor Doom: When you cast this spell you create metal armor for yourself, giving you a +6 bonus to Armor Class without hindering your spell casting ability, and simultaneously inflating your ego giving you a +10 to Diplomacy checks. Your alignment changes to Chaotic Neutral for the duration of this spell. If you die while in this form, it was only a Doombot and you were in the next room.

Rope Trick

Rope Tick: summons a large homunculus made of rope in the shape of a tick. Lasts 1d4 + caster level rounds.

Mass Teleport

Mass Teleprompt: A screen appears, telling everyone on the nearest stage what to say.

Summon Monster

Summon Monster: conjure a potion that once drank prohibits sleep for 1d10 hours

Cure light wounds

Bugger, got ninja'd again while I wasn't paying attention.

Cure Light Wounds: Nullifies the effects of sunburn and reverses damage caused by light effects, including Searing Light, Sunburst, and vampire disintegration.

Protection from Law.

Protection from LAW: The caster is immune to antitank rockets for 1 minute per caster level

Explosive Runes.

Expletive Runes: You inscribe swear words in a thousand different tongues that are vocalized loudly by a disembodied voice when the runes are examined closely.

Ray of Enfeeblement.


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