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Book of Mis-spells

Mordenkainen's Non-Magical Manor: It's a house, complete with the flexible high-interest-rate 30 year FHA mortgage that goes along with it. About 1000 square feet with a single bedroom and only a half-bath and no parking, it also happens to be situated right next to the nearest junkyard or scrap yard or industrial waste facility, instantly devaluing it.

Deck of Many Things

Deck of Many Things: Each card produces an Everlovin' blue-eyed Thing from the Fantastic Four for a clobberin' time of 4 rounds

Ant Haul

Aunt Haul: The target's carrying capacity triples, but only when hauling their aunt.

Fearsome Duplicate

Ice, Ice, a Shin: For 2d4 days, one of your legs channels the essence of a 90s rapper whenever you put your weight on it.

Mind Shard!

Mind Shred:


Mind Shard:
Your character can safely walk on broken glass or other crystalline surfaces, gracefully avoiding any hazards. They are aware of any broken glass or crystal within a 60 foot radius.

Symbol of Insanity

EDIT: Was ninja'd. I still think mine was better, though.

Symbol of Inanity. Turns the victim into a vapid moron with an obsession with whichever reality tv shows are most popular (and thus trashy) this season.

Their mental attributes are set to 3. The mental attributes of everyone who hears them speak reduces by 4 for the duration of their speaking plus an hour.

Mirale- cast on someone to make them look at whatever the caster wants them to. Like a Symbol of Inanity.

(Hehe... no one said the misspelling had to be an English word.

Bite of the Werewolf.

Flight of the Werebee: All who see the werebee in action must make a will save or be forced to watch its flight for 2d4 rounds while humming the appropriate music.


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