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long days and pleasant nights

long days and pleasant nights

Alright, so for a couple of days now I've been lurking here, contemplating games I'd like to participate in, but I've yet to introduce myself. Figured it's about time...

I've been roleplaying for a long time in freeform online forums, longer than I'd care to admit, but only the last five years has that interest expanded to include tabletop roleplaying.

While I've played a variety of systems, I'm basically a novice with every system that isn't Call of Cthulhu--and that's 6th edition, not 7th. That's not edition chauvinism, I've just never played 7th.

Sure, I've made a few characters for Dresden, New World of Darkness, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Trail of Cthulhu, and Pathfinder but I'm by no means good at making characters or even playing in those systems. My Pathfinder characters tend to be especially underpowered or poorly optimized. My goal is to learn and get better.

I look forward to rping with you all!

May you have twice the number.

First off, welcome aboard.

Second, what do you mean by 'good at making characters'? Do you mean, good at making powerful characters that can slaughter anything they come across? Or do you mean making flavorful characters that have good backstories and lots of role-playing hooks. Once you define what you are trying to do, you can better judge how you are doing at it.

Thank you!

What I mean is that my characters tend to be useless or mildly incompetent due to some failure on my part to understand a game mechanic. I would never want to create an OP death machine or someone who's the best at everything. Those aren't fun. I love playing flawed characters, and my issue arises from always going for flavorful abilities or backgrounds that experienced folk know to wisely avoid.

It all depends on the game you are playing. If you are doing a dungeon crawl, taking an option to be awesome in pleasant social interaction isn't optimal. However, if you are playing in a game of courtly intrigue, or modern politics, that skill would be highly useful, where Dungeoneering or Being specialized in monofilament whip may be nigh useless.

A lot of that needs to come from the information your GM gives you about the game.

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