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Can we have an Alt Earth conversation without mentioning this particular series? I mean, I guess we could.

to the OP: which historic events do you want to change? We could speculate a vastly different world based on one or a handful of seemingly small changes.
I'm going to try to accurately incorporate all 10 changes into the time line... It's not easy. Though finding that Burr had thought of politics like it is done now was very, useful.

WWI was easy ish because the US joined due to there trade being attacked. So it doesn't matter if it's the US or Mexico. Due to Perl harbor not happening I don't think they will be joining at all, or at least not till a much later date.

On that note, someone said that Germany had a relative peace with Russia. All I can find is that Hitler had been promising to invade Russia on his campaign trail, is there a reference for this tentative Aly/peace with Germany and Russia before Germany tried to invade?

I find it odd that you need a reference for this, but here it is.

All I could find was referencing to Hitler's campaign promise of 'creating more room for the German race by taking over rusha' "This war will be a people's war, not a political war". (Something like that) which was linked to his reasons for invading.

I like the reference though, he doesn't invade. I don't know if he never invades, but that can wait till after the US is up to speed.

On that note, I realized my math on politics was wrong and I'm going to have to redo the result of Mexico's political invasion.

So finishing the main line of history for USA/Mexico: Mexico's still has to much control over monopoly's to take the lead, however there political/economic ties with the USA puts them on par in regards to economics and military. There main foren policy relationship is for Mexico to provide the military well the US handles economics. Due to the copyright law the US is more focused on technology then normal, and although the US is still controlled by business's, judgments where never passed granting corporate person hood. As such businesses are more careful to follow the law and not go against people's rights.


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