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President Trump

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The thing with that is that most people don't have a firm enough grasp of what is and is not illegal to be confident in that sort of assessment. The law is impossibly complex and nuanced, and even professional legal experts regularly disagree on seemingly straightforward issues, with only the final outcome of a court case (and possible subsequent appeals over the course of years) settling the matter.

For most people, if they have knowledge of a Bad Thing (tm), that might be illegal, it's quite reasonable for them to seek immunity, if they can, before going through that whole process of figuring out whether it actually was illegal, and whether that illegality might brings consequences for them in particular. Because once they have gone through that process, it's usually too late to avoid those consequences.
Fair point. I would think that one of Clinton's (former?) top aides would know the legality of what she had done, but maybe that's because if I was involved in anything semi-shady I'd be sure to know what arguments I could make in court.

Pretty much same thing as Flynn. The original instance that got him resigned, not this current issue.

Originally Posted by saithor View Post
Could you please clarify what you mean by unethical but not illegal? Because if it was that, I don't think these people would have gone for the deals.
She broke the rules at work, but didn't break the law. Given that she works at the State Department, these folks could be protecting themselves from future backlash in the form of ethical investigations or legal investigations. Given what we now know, it seems likely they wanted protection from ethical investigations, but may have been concerned about possible legal sanctions as well. Don't get me wrong, Clinton's actions skirted the very edge of the law, but were not technically illegal.

Also, can we please move on from the whataboutism? This thread is about Trump, and his failure to be a competent POTUS.

To be fair, when I started this thread 348 pages ago, it was not about Mr. Trump's failure to be a competent President. If you look back, this all began with hope and measured optimism.

Of course, the following 347 pages have steadily gone downhill from there, but the only person to blame for that is Mr. Donald J. Trump himself.

Also, can we please move on from the whataboutism?
Nothing would make me happier, but that would require all of us to be on the same page.


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