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Drafting ...

Drafting ...

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Drafting tech has been around for a long long time in the software industry. I constantly lose pages of work from MW when my internet connection goes down. Due to the extensive nature of roleplaying verbosity, these are emotional events.

Is there any thought towards having a steady state drafting ability despite browser tech ...

I know I can go to Word and use its proper drafting ability to insure my posts, but, it happens just often enough to let me get over the pain from the last one so this desire never accumulates past the threshhold to make me change my entire posting policy. Further, at my posting rate, that is extremely problematic.

In the meantime, there are plugins to your browser like Lazarus that will do this (for this site and others).

I would like to echo the Lazarus suggestion. It's a very handy tool and it seems to take multiple snapshots of your work so you're not limited to a 'last save' scenario (most of the time). I realize that the most recent 'save' is likely the one you want, but there have actually been times that I pulled an earlier one due to formatting or some other reason.

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