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art work thing

Inkscape is great!

You can even draw something in Gimp, and then trace the bitmap to get a vector graphic to adapt further.

Your file size can also decrease dramatically, if you care about that.

Nice art, btw, must have been a real pain to get that done in paint.

It was a pain to do things on paint. @.@ I'm so happy that I have Gimp now. XD I just got inkscape. I'll try it out later today.

And here is Zayl. A friend asked me to make him. He is a magic user in D&D 5th edition.
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and here is a Cleric-Warlock Duel-class that I am working on. She has no name yet, but she'll be in a mini-comic stripe that I want to make. May post it here...

Is comic a category on this site? I'll have to check that out.
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Here is a spirit.
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I made a dragon. RAWR!
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I made more art.
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I remade Tyx Wulme now that I have a better art program and had a lot more practice drawing people. I am now using Paint Tool Sai.
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Here us Zyler and Amelia, two of my characters that I made. I made Amelia as a Half-Elf Rogue with the Criminal background for D&D 5th edi and I made Zyler her contact. I started seeing them as a cute couple as I went on and then I made them a couple. They were just too cute not to. @.@
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