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If you want an archetype for that I can make one that's relatively balanced.
I'm okay allowing the three Kineticists of Porphyra books. I have these, so I can reference them if needed.

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Roil Dancer from Kineticist isn't a bad archetype, but it is however very melee focused so you won't have as many options if you try to play a more longrange bender. One may also consider the Avowed 3pp class from Forrestfire Studios, which does a good job of making a blasty yet highly versatile and customizable sort of class. Though unlike Kineticist, it's charisma based, so it might limit the mental stat allotments a bit.
I would allow 3pp classes as long as I can reference them. I don't see that one with a quick (I mean very very quick) search, so if you link it, I don't mind taking a look at it. I'd probably do a 15-20 point buy just to keep the power from being too ridiculous.