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Ok total noob here

Ok total noob here

ok i ain't played since i was 10 and that was in the Mazes and Monsters era.
im looking to get in to a few online games im Mute irl so that made things awkward.

Welcome to the Weave, Kami Meran! If you are looking for a game, I suggest you start with the Games & Ads forum; GMs who are recruiting for a game will have an advertisement in this sub-forum. If a game is taking on noobs to PBP - or even noobs to a system - the ad should state it. You can even ask in the event it's not stated.

Beyond this, if you are looking for a very specific kind of game - system, ruleset, homebrew stuff, etc. - you can always post in the Game Planning section to ask for a GM who'd be willing to run whatever you are looking for. It's also a place where everyone can kind of come together to see if a few people have similar ideas and maybe get a game rolling.

I just opened a game for people who are just getting started learning the most recent edition of D&D. You can check it out here if you're interested.

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