Interest in a SIFRP game?

Okay. I'm totally in favour of you picking the setting yourself. I'll be fine with pretty much any tumultuous era.

Always interested. One issue I have observed in SIFRP is that you often get a mix of players who likes to hang back and see what the story hands to them, while others like to actively scheme and plot and would like their actions to impact where the story is headed. So some thought should be given as to what sort of playstyles you can feel comfortable with, and how to ensure everyone feels happy with, no overshadowing etc.

As for number of players, three is a dangerous number if you do not know that these three are highly likely to stick around and regularly keep things going with posts. Having more than this with schemes and plots for you to deal with might prove to be difficult though.

Always keen to play this system, and I can echo the testimonies about GMs biting off more than they can chew with it. There's also so much scope for different expectations given the wildly different playstyles and narratives the system can accommodate. I have experience as both player and GM with this system, and would be willing to contribute as a player and/or assistant GM if that's a role that would meaningfully improve the experience.

Played a few games of SIFRP and I have to say the setting and mechanics are some of my favourite. They do a great job of both deadly combat and intrigue.

On the number of players, I'm usually up for more is better when it comes to pbp, since there is usually player attrition. But I would suggest staying away from multiple houses for sure, those are the ones that die off because they are so huge.

I did not regularly check for any posts here anymore, so I am sorry for the lack of replies. I actually started a game, but never formally recruited through an ad-thread, but rather invited a few players from this thread.
This is the game:

Currently, I am not looking for additional players, I appologize if anyone feels passed over.


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