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2017 Movie Watch

Originally Posted by TheFred View Post
I've not seen Wonder Woman, but you'd put the two Captain America movies top? The first one was admittedly a lot better than I'd expected it to be but I'd probably have put Iron Man above it, for all its flaws, and the Winter Soldier was... eh. OK I guess. Iron Man 3 was a much better sequel if you ask me (ignoring 2).
I believe that when it comes to super hero flicks there's always a personal bias that creeps in. No matter what. For me, as an example, any Superman flick will be sub par, relatively speaking, because I don't really like the "boyscout" in blue and red, never have, never will. Nor am I a big Batman fan as I simply prefer my heroes to not be too human either, at least not "power" wise. I was impressed with the first Iron Man movie, it was better than I expected it to be, by far. I thought the first Cap movie was better though. Wonder woman was uneven, I was disappointed with how Ares was written, but I really enjoyed the movie regardless and was extremely impressed with Gal Gadot as the title character. I think that she did an excellent job with WW just as RDJ has respectively done with Iron Man. WW is the only movie I've actually gone back to the theater to see again in well over a decade.

I saw Blade Runner today. It was very, very good. The cinematography, the visuals, the mood, the score (oh boy the score) everything was amazing. The storyline was very good as well, minus a few nitpicks but they are easily dismissed. Its a long movie but very much worth it.

Uh oh

Originally Posted by Samanos View Post
I saw Blade Runner today. It was very, very good. The cinematography, the visuals, the mood, the score (oh boy the score) everything was amazing. The storyline was very good as well, minus a few nitpicks but they are easily dismissed. Its a long movie but very much worth it.
That's what I've heard too. Which is so surprising considering most of these franchise late extensions are pure cash grab. The director deserves a lot of accolades for avoiding the traps so many others fall into.

Holy crud Blade Runner was good. Yes there are a few bits that I felt weren't quite there, but for all the reasons Samanos mentioned I liked it. It's the type of movie that asks a lot of questions of the audience without being so up it's own keister it looks down on the audience. I'm also somewhat happy to have a big budget movie in the general sci-fi ballpark that has the patience to build a scene and characters rather than three second cuts and flashy visuals.

Gonna digest a bit, but it certainly made me happy I recently joined up in a cyberpunk game.

Nah, I thought it was fun .

This film looks like creative said "Make Pacific Rim, but for early teenagers instead."

Hey, at least we can SEE the Jaegers and the Kaiju in this trailer. I watched the original, and if it hadn't been for the toys, I couldn't have told you what a single one of the kaiju looked like.

Still doesn't look all that good, but hey, at least I can see what's going on.

So then its the asian version of the transformers, right?

Really, Pacific Rim was just a mashup of a bunch of mangas all thrown into a melting pot with a so-so script and a working premise / concept for a robot + monster movie. It was really bad and really good in a number of different aspects / ways. Conceptually it was neat, they could have really done a lot, they simply didn't. The actual "combats" all felt really clunky and slow. There was no way any of the bots would actually win given their lack of speed, especially considering the main character jaeger was supposed to be the fastest, other than the new one, lol.

Sure it was cheesy, its a freakin' giant robot vs. giant monster movie at its core. How is that not going to be cheesy? If you accept that going in then its a much more acceptable experience. Once you have that baseline working for you it turns into a half decent manga adaptation into a real world movie. Considering what they had to work with the actors did a pretty decent job IMHO, lol.

The issues I see with the trailer / new movie...

1. Its mostly the same jaegers somehow. Despite almost all of them being destroyed, completely, prior, all of them are there again.

2. You add in the next generation of pilots but none of the techs that are from the first movie have aged more than a few years? So you've got some characters that are what, 18~20 years or more older, while some seemed to have jumped the time stream magically. Maybe there's a good in movie explanation?

3. Lighter and brighter setting is definitely there. That's not necessarily a bad thing as leons pointed out, you can at least see things better. However, it makes it look much less realistic and more CGI / computer generated as well. Its too clean and too bright. Its a case of where they spent their budget and then glossing over the obvious stuff, something that happens far too frequently in movies with a huge CGI component. That's one thing the transformer movies, no matter how bad or painful the story lines, dialog, or acting has been, do have; really good CGI to real world integration that looks realistic. In the trailer there were easily a dozen or so scenes that were obviously made up. Too many real world discrepancies. *shrug*

For me Uprising will definitely be a; Wait for Cable.

Edit: I know the paired pilots crap is in there so they can have conflict between actors / characters but it is such a freakin' forced plot device that its crazy to maintain it for a sequel. Especially if you consider, looking at the trailer, that its like watching team robo vs. team monster. The conflict could have still been there but without the forced dual pilot plot device.


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