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This week in video games...

Huh, been a long, long time since I played IV, but I recall V having more options and using pretty much the same modding system (I've done far more modding of V than I ever did of IV). IV was definitely more directly influenced by Starfire as I recall or at least wore that influence more openly. Both games suffered from the same god awful AI in single player and I'm more familiar with the balance fixes and AI mods for V. I don't recall doing as much with designing custom strategies for ships in IV, but I've definitely played a LOT more V, so that's perhaps unsurprising. Not even sure I can find my IV disk anymore.

I found 4 to be more flexible in terms of designing starships. And this combined with the manual combat control is what it was all about. What other X4 game lets you do that?

May have to see if I can find my copy of IV again then. Been so long I've clearly forgotten some of the details.


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