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Myth Weavers' Milestones

Originally Posted by RobMatthys View Post
Add in the anti-magic zone that both dropped you to the ground and prevented your life-saving power from kicking in, and that was one fun but tremendously unlucky series of events to see play out!
You could say this game is...

(puts sunglasses on)

...blowing the roof off the joint.

The beholder who's generating the antimagic zone used its Disintegrate eye to vaporize the roof of the barn it is in, thus getting the clear shot needed to take down Arklytte's flying character.

I love all the puns SC has in this game. Heads above my Gnome Man's Land game!

Arklytte - Thank you for the kind words! I just try to follow the general MW rule of "be excellent to each other", though always nice to be appreciated of course.

And congrats on the character death! I don't think I've ever had that happen (outside of the PvP arena of course). Characters usually die the much worse death of being forgotten when games just end. It would probably be fun to actually have a character be retired in style than fade away.

It doesn't happen too often with newer systems like PF or 5e (though 5e is a bit more brutal than its 3.5/PF/4e predecessors), so PC deaths are always worth remembering and celebrating in the modern DnDish games.

My favorite personal PC death came from a catfolk built for climbing. It was a PF game set in the Castlevania universe and my little fella was scaling a wall to scout for the party. He hit a loose rock seventy feet up, but that was no big deal; he just had to roll a climb check. With a +16 to Climb, what could go wrong?

Natural one. Uh-oh.

But still, he was built for this! He had a feat (3rd party, I believe, built for catfolk specifically) that he could reroll natural ones on failed STR checks like Climb once a day. So, after the reroll...natural one.


A very furry splat, at that.

So it goes

One of these days I'm going to run a Basic D&D game here on the Weave. I started one about a year back and man it looked like it was going to be awesome until life came in and annihilated my plans for it. Maybe I'll bring it back sometime...

Hello Everyone.

This is post 30,000 for me. I know there are some 15 members with greater post counts than that, so it isn't really a huge accomplishment, but considering that for a large part of my life I wasn't sure I'd even be back here, it is special to me.

Additionally, I am the closest I've ever been to completing a PbP game. Well... completing the story arc I originally recruited the players into. Most wish to continue with the same characters into another adventure, and I have something planned for them, but the accomplishment still stands for me. This is the first time I will have ever ran a PbP from start to finish. I have had games last longer, or have more posts in them, but never actually reach a completion point. Assuming my players continue to post, I'm excited to see the adventure marked as complete. Maybe we'll have a party and everyone will get cake.

Actually completing a game is a very cool thing indeed! Congrats!

All they need to do is fight the final battle, then return home. Not that he's going to be easy, but it's one last fight. And they're well prepared for it, so they should succeed.

Congrats now and future congrats on standby for completion of that final battle. That's always awesome.

Nice! That's an awesome achievement


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