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Superintendent: Benefit: When a room you own gains the broken condition, you may repair it for half the normal cost in gold pieces and other capital, rounded up.

Im guessing this is just mundane costs, but figured i'd clarify just in case I was wrong. This doesnt meant I could go 'Well ima use X spell to repair this with Y costly component' (which is most likely cheaper, if not much faster then doing it mundane) and thus the cost of Y component is only 50%?

It would not change the cost of spells and such to repair the building. It would only reduce the cost of goods and "other capital"(which reads to me like time/labor/favors/things like that) that would be needed to repair the damage to the building.


Freedom of movement wouldn’t prevent things like webs from sending a signal etc to a creature listening to them right? Cause FoM would only move it out of the way or have it slough off your person without entangling them etc correct (thus sending vibrations down it etc)?

Also since there are spells like 'see invisibility' and 'invisibility purge' etc can I assume that 'detect magic' isnt just the poor mans ability to detect someone who is magically invisible? Or would it just be ex: Im sneaking by a sentry with detect magic on while invis. While I cross the cone while stealthing he momentarily gets a ping on the presence of a magical aura but no further details cause I didn't stay around long enough for him to focus in on it.

Freedom of Movement doesn't make you ethereal or anything, so yeah. If you hit a sticky web while under it, you won't get stuck but you will transmit vibrations up the web.

The detect magic question is a bit trickier. If the invisibility is magic, it should set off detect magic. I'd say your interpretation is pretty good -- they get a ping but unless you stick around, all they know is that there's magic around here somewhere.

Even if you did stick around in area of Detect Magic for a few rounds, they know that...there is some magic (or specifically illusion magic, if they make the Knowledge Arcana check) in that 5' square.

can be found in the prd glossary:

Originally Posted by PRD Glossary on invisibility
Invisibility does not thwart divination spells.
Detect Magic is a divination spell and that's all there is to it.


Thought so...

Pathfinder: Draconic Malice spell just automatically works cause its a self buff etc correct? The save mentioned in the spell is only for you cause it mentions (harmless) in brackets, foes who enter that aura (or whom I force the aura upon through movement) dont get a will save to ignore me suppressing their fear/mind effecting immunities correct?


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