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Players of Older D&D and Clones

I had friends that played 1e but I never got into DnD until high school and even then it was only a little. It was after grad school that I really took the dive. I was in Chicago with my brother and close friends after a very long night of drinking. The topic of games came up (Diablo 1) which lead to DnD. A month later we were playing our first game....and I was hooked. :-)

I have an ad up for a game running through X4 and X5 Zeb Cooks Desert Nomad saga. This is an Expert Level Classic D&D game, around 9th level. There are three openings!

BW I would play but I am in 3 here and one more on RPG.NET

No worries Ex. This is kind of a golden age for old school games right now. We have some excellent DMs, seems like they all just came out of the wood work overnight. Gets us old schoolers stretched a little thin. Granted my history doesn't go back terribly far but I can never remember there being nine Classic games running at the same time. I usually like to peruse all the current classics and I just can't keep up.

Id like to see a companion game start up as well one that took into account the demi human clan relics

I contemplated doing the Desert Nomads as a BECMI but I am not very familiar with CMI so I decided against it. I wish Cook had written the companion he talks about in his Expert book. I wonder if there were notes on what was planned for that book and if Mentzer used or if he just went his own way.

not sure but I am sure since it TSR at the time there had to be some sort of notes just because it was a business man I wanted to work them when I grew up. Before the Dark Times before Wizards of the Coast.

Robocoastie - favored "old school" systems: D&D Rules Cyclopedia, Mutant Future (Gamma World clone). Newer mechanics with Old School feel: Basic Fantasy and Castles & Crusades and the soon to be released Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG.


Perhaps someone familair with these game uses the AD&D sheet and maybe they could explain how to use it in this thread. I'm assuming that as nobody has ever raised the issue before that it isn't actually an issue.

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