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Create-A-Class Hero Campaign

Patchwork Heroes - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Forgotten Realms 3.5e

Those damn gods are up to it again.

Except this time they're being a little less....subtle about it.

They hand picked four heroes from other worlds, allowed them to blueprint their entire life, then wiped their memories and sent them to the Sword Coast to see what adventures and mishaps they got into.

Write their own destiny, forge a new path. With the battle won on their own world- what good could they do to the Sword Coast. Can they save it from itself? Change the destiny of hundreds in the Forgotten Realms? Or allow it to crumble as they focus on selfish pursuits of more power?

The world, truly, is in your hands.

Game Description:

I've had an thought, nay, an idea....Nay, a brilliance- for some time now.

What if you could play Dungeons and Dragons......Almost any way you wanted to. Hear me out, brave adventurer. What if you could play through a campaign with any (thematically fitting) abilities you could dream up from your minds deepest eye?

What if you could pick and choose abilities from other classes that made sense, but without class restrictions or needing to multi class?

This....Is that game.

You, my brave soul, are the next hero produced from Candlekeep. With the blood of gods running through you, you must forge your own path, your own destiny, your own identity.

The Concept
Upon Character Creation
  • Layout a "theme" to your class- what is it you want it to do?
  • Name three major abilities you're shooting for
  • Name your level 20 capstone ability
  • Name 16 minor ones (these may grow off each other)
  • Consider the balance of each carefully - your fellow applicants are going to be your judging panel
  • OP/Minmax/God classes with more than Three "Cheese" votes- will be disqualified
  • Choose a BAB
  • Choose class skills
  • Choose Starting Equipment

Then the judging begins. Each applicant gets to vote on each others classes. You get one vote per class- Either "Cheese" or "Chocolate" Chocolate means you're good to go, Cheese means you've min maxed a little hard. More than three cheese votes and you are out.

If you get three chocolates- that class is ready to be thrown under greater scrutiny.

Note- while this is a chance to play ANY concept you've ever dreamed, it's still a good old fashioned game of D and D set on the Sword Coast. Our pal Elm' exists and is one hundred percent ready to throw down the god hammer on any shenanigans. Just like in that old romp Baldur's Gate.

The Restrictions
What can't I do TT?

Why I'm glad you asked Sailor!
  • If your "Theme" is teleporting fighter- don't have spell like abilities galore, stick to your theme
  • You can't have a BAB of +1 and HP of 12 and also be able to throw fireballs, Cheese!
  • You can't cast spells. I know right. How sad is that. I'm not allowing spellcasting classes. But that's okay- you won't be facing spellcasting classes either. However, your enemies are designed with the same rules you've been given
  • You can't steal another characters concept. I don't want overlaps. You're all smart enough to come up with your own- whoever gets to it first gets it.
  • Apps that sit unedited for more than 2 days are deleted unless completed

Kooky Ideas and Insane Concepts- I'm your dude
Posting Rate: 1/Day if not more
Uh. Admin? Help! The picture didn't work and I'm unsure why and can't change it. Oh this is a bad start to my first day on the weave.

Any questions, please direct yourself to the FAQ section of the game.

Hmm...I'm hoping for my other games to regain momentum and I also have an eye on dalamb's kingdom building game, but...I'll dream on this and see if I come up with any genius ideas.

Hmm...maybe something like a rogue but with extra escape-and-evade abilities, perfect for scouting ahead.
Or a manakete, someone who can shapeshift into a unique powerful creature.
Or maybe even something Santa/Krampus-ish, a class with a bottomless bag that can produce useful gifts or hold captives.

Regarding the image. First, it doesn't have an image suffix like png or jpg. Second, MW doesn't show images from certain sites, and I don't know what the full list is. I recommend you copy it to and link to it there. That always seems to work for me.

@Avaday Daydream: rogue-based was my initial idea, too; we apparently think a bit alike, but let's hope we can be creative enough to be distinct. In any case since I expect soon to be DMing a 2nd campaign, I'd mark mine as "please consider AD's class first if there is too much overlap."

How about a 3rd vote: "too much like an existing class"? I'd rather not have somebody slip in a barely-modified Pathfinder or Spheres of Might class without much creative input. Or at lease expect people to say where they got their inspiration.

Re the image: it's not the Weave; you can't even access it if you copy-paste the URL into your browser.

Originally Posted by ThinkTank View Post
Uh. Admin? Help! The picture didn't work and I'm unsure why and can't change it. Oh this is a bad start to my first day on the weave.

Any questions, please direct yourself to the FAQ section of the game.
That's something new deivantart seem to be doing.

But I think this works?

Interesting. How is this voting going to work, though? Any other applicant can vote? - what's to stop me being obnoxious and just voting "cheese" on everything purely to be vexatious? What if three people are just wrong? Also is cheese the only thing you're not happy with? What if a class is chronically underpowered, or bad in other ways (e.g. poor theme, incoherent abilities, whatever)?

Is a Fireball-throwing Fighter cheesy, or too weak? Fighters are weak, Fireballs are weak, what if your class is "Fireball Archer"? Actually, in all seriousness, what's the benchmark? Are we aiming to match the more powerful classes, or the weaker ones, or somewhere in-between?

Is judging purely based upon this class - or does the hook imply that the characters also invented their own fantastical lives, etc?

Will reply as soon as I can just at work right now but good idea on “too much like an existing class” and “too underpowered”.

Okay- added a few new options to voting, answered some FAQ and we have some new applicants.

Yes, you could certainly throw one single cheese vote at a class. Then other applicants can vote that it's not.

If there's a mass conspiracy to shut down a particular players class I'd be....shocked and slightly amused that people would go to that much effort.

I'd also notice an applicant throwing a "Cheese" vote on every class but their own.


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