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Dark fantasy game about leaving your mark

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Dark fantasy game about leaving your mark

Chronicles of Bergheim - Forum

Introduction"So this is who answered the call?" the king asked as he leaned forward on his thrones to get a better look at those gathered. His crown is slighlty canted and his whispy white hair ruffled underneath it. He steadies his shaking hands on the armrests as he harrumphs.
"It will have to do. Klaus, read them the letter." he commands a bespectacled man by his right side. The small man does without any comment:
"To his majesty Ardonn II,
We the people of Berghause beseech you to send soldiers to aid us in these troubled times. Marauders are poised to attack the town, children are dissappearing, and witches conspire against us in the woods. We would not trouble you in this manner if we did not think it absolutely necessary. Under these circumstances we cannot guarantee the continued production of lumber.
Johann Erlminster boyar of Berghause"
The monarch coffs long and hard, taking a while to catch his breath once more.
"How do you like that? The temerous bastard has the audacity to threaten us in the same sentence as asking for help! Well, no matter. You six are here, you will go to Berghause and assist the mayor with any problem he might have. In return, when you return here afterwards, each of you will receive a lordship and the accompanying duties and benefits and whatnot..." the king explains, waving his hand as if to dismiss those last, for you so important, details as no more formalities.

GamemasterI will be running this game. I am a game master with about 25 years of experience in various game systems and in running pbp games though this is the first time I will do so here on this site.

Game explanationAt the moment this is a fairly straight forward type of mercenaries to the rescue game. If this game goes well and all participants feel like it it can be expanded to greater more epic scales. The game world itself is homebrew though rooted strongly in central- and eastern european style. Much of it is open and undescribed giving you full leeway in helping me flesh out the world outside the immediate area of where the games nexus is going to be. As for mood; this game is perhaps a little darker than the standard pathfinder though it varies. This is not Middle Earth. No one in this world is inherently evil, besides perhaps Evil outsiders and undead. This is a world with many shades of grey and even more moral dilemmas.
Posting frequency should be around 3 or 4 posts a week.

ApplicationsApplications should be posted in the applications thread group. Post and edit all pertinent information in the first post of your thread to keep it simple. I'm looking for 4-6 players. Deadline for char creation will run until the 27th of may. If this is extended I will surely announce this.

Char creationChar creation is done by 20 point buy.
Starting at 4th lvl.
Full HP for first lvl, roll or take average for the next three. Either one or the other, no backsies.
6000gp wealth, no single item over 3000gp.
Permitted races are Core, and featured races.
Permitted source materials includes everything from Paizo on d20pfsrd except Occult Adventures and the Technology guide. And if you come on with stuff like Sacred Geometry... Well, it won't be pretty.
The Elephant in the room Feat Tax solution will be used.
2 traits are permitted. A drawback is also permitted but won't give you an extra trait.
I am accepting of any alignment as long as the character is a team player. (verbal) PC conflict is tolerated but no PvP at all.
As far as backgrounds are concerned: keep it short and to the point. You may include plot hooks and npcs that I can use but I don't like reading entire novels about someone who is just getting started in their life as a mercenary.

Game Description:

In the east, past the great empires of man and its sprawling cities lie the primordial forests of the world. Bordered to the north and west by the uncrossable Skytouch mountain range the farthest dominion of humanoids was once called Gallum but now is known as The Last Kingdom. The lands are covered with forests as old as the world and crossed by rivers and streams. Uncountable ruins have been reclaimed by the forests, remnants of civilizations so old no one remembers them. Many small settlements dot the land, most living in almost complete isolation. The dark forests harbor all sorts of dangers and the Last Kingdom is plagued by internal strife as its aging monarch, childless and without an heir, tries to keep his domain from desintegrating.
The town of Bergheim is one of the larger logging settlements. As winter approaches a call for aid has been sent to the king from there, crying out for relief from dire times. King Ardonn II has no soldiers to spare but has put out a contract for mercenaries to be well rewarded should they travel to Bergheim and relieve its woes.

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Originally Posted by fenrirlokison View Post
how dark?

In all seriousness, I'll have to check this game out!

Not dracula black dark.
Not disney light.
Think original iterations of fairy tales. You know the gruesome, really brutal kind where the wolf or the witch actually eats kids and they meet just as horrid endings themselves.
Dark primordial forests filled with danger and fey. Not the haha fey, the kind that kill and dip their caps in blood.

So... Darker than Golarion as a whole. But it ain't Ravenloft.

Sleepy Hollow! That kind of dark.

Still 5 days left to get into this game, being run by one of the Admins of another RPG site, where he runs a game which has been active for over five years. This GM knows what he's doing, and he's not the ghosting type so step on in for a game which will last.

Tempting, I certainly have a spot for a little more Pathfinder in my Myth-Weavers repertoire. I'll try to get an app thrown together for this in time for the deadline.

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