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Dungeons, Advanced (2e dungeon crawl group)

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Dungeons, Advanced (2e dungeon crawl group)

Parthak: City of Trails - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) and clones - Forgotten Realms

The dwarf eyed everyone assembled with a discerning glare. He was quite normal in appearance for one of his race, with rust-colored hair and a well-brushed beard, wearing simple leather armor with a dark grey cloak. His small apartment was also quite normal, and the fact that it was small was readily apparent as several adventure seekers and treasure hunters crammed in, standing elbow-to-elbow as they waited for him to speak.

Everyone in attendance had seen his advertisement on the board downstairs.

Wanted: Adventurers and treasure-seekers. I have located a long-abandoned dwarven temple, and a crypt underneath belonging to the ancient dwarves known as the Gravelstones. Treasure awaits! I have an apartment here in the Hidden Hole, upstairs in Room 6. We depart once a skilled party has been formed. Equal share of treasure guaranteed.

"I'm Gunter. Thank you for coming," he finally began, speaking with a low, steady voice. "The Gravelstone clan mined in the Troll Hills several centuries ago. As one of the last surviving members of the clan, my grandpappy told me stories of great wealth and prosperity, and the calamity that befell them. So, I've been searching the hills north of here to find their lost keep, with the aim to reopen those mines. I found one of their temples; a holy site dedicated to Sharindlar, dwarf goddess of love and dance. I had just started exploring it when a group of kobolds led by a pair of surly hobgoblins ran me off." He huffed, obviously a bit embarrassed, before he continued. "I believe there be a crypt underneath to one of the Gravelstones, and I'm hoping it'll lead me to where their hidden keep was located. I need ya'lls help in getting those critters cleaned out, and in finding the clues that'll lead us to the next step in reclaiming those mines."


Thus begins the Gravelstone Trilogy (Crypt of the Gravelstones, Keep of the Gravelstones, and Mines of the Gravelstones), a series of small dungeon crawls I've created that will test the mettle of an adventuring group. If you like fighting monsters, bypassing traps, and solving puzzles, this is the campaign for you. This game will be mostly just a series of dungeon crawls, most small-to-medium in size, set in the Forgotten Realms and using the AD&D 2E rules. You'll use the small city of Parthak I've created in the Fields of the Dead region as a base for these dungeon crawls.

I've got 3 players already, and I'd like to get at least 2-3 more to join the team. If you're interested, all the information is on the site to create a character (in the "Characters" tab). I'll make final player selections at the end of the month, so you've got a few weeks before we begin.

Game Description:

Forgotten Realms, wild west-style.

This campaign is meant to take a piece of the established Forgotten Realms and turn it into something more akin to a western. Full of adventure and drama, its a fantasy version of Deadwood, with a lawless frontier and the hard men and women who attempt to survive and prosper within. Set in the Fields of the Dead region, this campaign re-imagines the area to look more like the American south-west, full of hilly fields of grass, deep canyons, badlands and dead lands. Populated with homestead farmers, horse and cattle ranches, active and abandoned mines, and ancient battlefields of bones. Just like an old western movie, there are barbarian natives to fight or befriend, and wagon caravans to protect from bandits. But this is still the Realms, with swords instead of six-shooters, gnolls, trolls, and kobolds lurking in the dark places, and just what would a Dungeons & Dragons game be without dungeons and dragons?

The center of the campaign is Parthak, known as the "City of Trails". Placed on some of the more well-traveled caravan trails, this little town is a hub for the region. The main road, the Coast Way, is lined with wooden buildings, a canopied boardwalk connecting saloons, inns, general stores, and gambling halls. Expect to find cattle barons, horse thieves, barbarian traders, homesteaders, caravan guards, bounty hunters, and all manner of folk in Parthak. You don't have to find adventure; it'll find you, in Parthak.

This looks like fun... I haven't played 2e for over 10 years... but your theme grabbed me so I'm going to delve back in to the distant past of my AD&D experience and come up with something

Yes, excellent description. Really sets the mood, I like it. And I'm a huge fan of 2e (the lest great edition until 5e came along IMO).

hmmm always interested in a good crawl...perhaps I can find some time and inspiration.

I will be reviewing all characters tonight (Friday) and all this weekend, and will invite those who are approved to join the prelude to practice role-playing your character. Invitation into the prelude does not mean you've been chosen for the adventure, only that your character has met approval.

Interested players still have 2 weeks to get their characters completed. I will make final decisions after the end of the month.

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