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Tomb of Annihilation

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Tomb of Annihilation

Tomb of Annihilation - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Looking for four level 1 PCs for a 5e adventure, that's jungle themed

Game Description:

Tomb of Annihilation

A death curse has befallen everyone who has been raised from the dead. Its victims are rotting away, and all efforts to reverse the decay have failed.

The souls of the dead are being stolen one by one and trapped inside a necromantic artifact. Only its destruction will free the trapped spirits and allow the dead to be raised once more.

All paths lead to Chult, a mysterious land of volcanoes, jungles, and the ruins of fallen kingdoms. Below them all awaits a deadly tomb. The trap is set.

Will you take the bait?

I'm looking for four players: To apply I need you to create a 5th edition dungeons and dragons character of level 1

The following supplements are allowed for making a character for this adventure.
-The Players Handbook
-The Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
-Volo's Guide to Monsters (yes, you can be a monstrous race)

Have a basic backstory that is at least three but no more than five paragraphs. Only other stipulations are that the setting takes place in the Forgotten Realms in the current year of 1492 DR the Year of Three Ships Sailing. Have fun, good luck, and try to make it out alive...

I see you left out the xge...character options in there were not to your liking I take it?

I placed a app in the Character folder. I tried to create a character who would do incredibly stupid things to help others. Why not try to stop a curse affecting the entire world!

Hullo. I'm quite new here, but I'm interested in this game if you'll take a noob. How do I in fact apply? Someone said they put an app in the character folder, but I don't know where that is exactly.

I am similarly new to MW*, but here is my character for consideration. Varina Noghori, yuan-ti copper dragon bloodline sorceress.

*Edit: New to MW PBP. I use the sheets for other forums/games.

Characters are going by Standard Array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8)
To submit your character, you need to go to click Games, find Tomb of Annihilation and click it. Click to access the Game Forum and submit your character in the character sheet thread.

The current party composition is as follows:
Dragonborn Fighter
Human Cleric of Oghma
Halfling Rogue

I have my four players for this game, I have an undermountain game that's looking for 5th level players.
Thank you all for your questions and applications


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