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Heroes, Villains and Special Agents. Assemble!

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Heroes, Villains and Special Agents. Assemble!

Masks - Forum
Star Wars: Fantasy Flight Games

While it reads as Star Wars FFG, we will be using Genesys System (Pretty much the same). At the moment I am looking for the following players a minimum of 4 Heroes and 4 Villains who will be residents of the fictional city of Ravenhill, located in the East Coast, somewhere in North Carolina in a hidden peninsula.

Heroes will start unpowered, so we will be treating their game as their origin story. And no worries, they will get their powers pretty much in the prologue though you wonít be liking how it goes down.

Villains will be already experienced superhumans who have been working together or near enough, looking to make a name for themselves in the city.

For the last part, I am looking for 1 special agent, a member of S.T.E.E.L.; information is classified so everybody that applies for this role canít apply for the others and needs to send me a PM since there are two important aspects that needed to be handed discreetly.

The game does not need all roles to be fulfilled to run, but it will probably add more intrigue and more fun between all the players.

One last note. PC's can die, NPC's will die, there will be moments of no-holds-barred-beatdown and a lot of things that may seem unsavory. If you are not comfortable with that, it is best not to apply.

Guidelines (Heroes)
Guidelines (Villains)
Guidelines (STEEL)

Game Description:

About the setting:

Masks is a setting Iíve been working on for a several years where superhumans have always existed. In here, the players will take the role of heroes, villains or special agents depending on which game they are applying. In the case of the first two, they are most likely going to come into conflict in the form of PVP eventually. Consequences are an important aspect of the game, as well as my attempts to make the game as realistic as possible.

About me:

Iíve been playing and GMing in the Weave since 2010, which makes me 9 years old here. Iíve played in several games before and it is most likely that some of you know me from almost any WFRPG. Currently I am running a Blood Bowl League which anyone interested is free to join, the forum can be found in my profile.

Several months ago I started another three Star Wars game in the weave which, so far seems to be going great. Last, but not least, Iím participating in a couple other games.

This, plus the games Iíve played in RL gives me plenty of experience in the Genesys system. Iíve participated in one Superheroes game in the weave for a few months and played in several in RL. I enjoy watching a good superhero movie or seeing a series, so, I guess I also have some experience in that regard.

About the players:

I like my players to try original things, to go ahead and create a character that on paper may not be the best at what they do, but, itís what they imagine them like. I want growth, character development is the most important aspect of Role-playing (for me) and I want my players to share that same feeling; good things and bad things will happen to the characters, friends or foes, family or strangers.

Itís about how they tackle this situations and how they move on (or not) which will ultimately be the most important aspect of the game.

Characters and players may find themselves changing allegiance, retiring characters, or having them die due to several reasons. It is part of the game and as long as everybody is having fun, I believe this can be a fantastic game.

I've already been working on my character, but posting here for bumpage. The setting has a lot of thought put in and I'm excited for the two/three 'teams' of players!

Interesting. Edit: Random powers still? Cause if so I can promise you that that's the reason why there's not much interest.

Yes, random powers still. I can imagine that would turn some people off, but I can assure you it is pretty interesting and combinations are fun.

Thanks for the support, Wash!

From what I saw, you roll for the number of powers and then roll again for the powers. You're more likely to have a character that's not as capable or as flexible as their fellows. Sure, it can lead to interesting combinations, but you're just as likely to wind up with some odd combination of powers that makes no sense. Part of the appeal of systems like Genesys is that they allow for more narrative styles of gameplay and character creation. Forcing the random selection of powers instead of allowing players to have a discussion about they want to play is a quick way to turning a good chunk of players away before they even read the character creation rules. It's an interesting world and I had a character idea that I wanted to play, but I was turned off when I saw that I was going to either have to abandon something that I felt was thematic and tied to the idea I had or get really lucky on the rolls.

So, yeah, WarriorPriest has a valid point about the random powers. It's more likely to turn people away than to attract them.

Yes, I didn't deny that and I can understand that a lot of players may be turned down by the randomness. Not all trees have multiple options, but you got the gist of it.

I've used this system 3 times for 3 games (system meaning the randomness) and all my players have enjoyed it because it added a lot to a superhero system (not knowing what powers you have, learning how to use them and growing).

I've seen Pyrokinetic time manipulators / Flying force fields / Aerokinetic teleporters / Power Augmentation replicas / Berserkers immune to powers and much more. In the end, it is about the player taking what may seem difficult or unappealing first and trying.

You are free to roll them and see if what you see is something you like or interesting enough for you. Maybe it grows just during creation, maybe it doesn't. Rolling takes little time to try and see.

You can probably chalk it up to different strokes for different folks, but the issue I have with it is I already had a concept with some ideas for powers in mind. I didn't want to roll, I wanted to play that character and fun getting to know them. To me, having my story choices forced on me when I already have something in mind is not fun. I'd rather not play than to play and be disappointed with what I get. If I didn't already have something in mind, then I might not be averse to rolling for powers. In this case, though, it's enough to turn me away from the game.

I'm not going to ask you to reconsider or anything like that. I just wanted to point out that WarriorPriest has a point. Most players are going to see this and want to play something specific, and get turned away by the fact that they have no control over what their character can do as a hero. I know that was the case with me.

Sure, I understand that and I have no issue with it because it is logical. Some people not like randomness and want to play characters they already had ideas for, others don't mind. It isn't the same for everyone.

Just wanted to specify a small thing regarding your last paragraph. The no control over what their character can do as a hero, I disagree, you might not control your powers, but you control pretty much the heroics of your character. And if a hero is tied to their powers or suits, then are they really a hero?

After all, for me at least, heroes are made, not born.

Not trying to change your mind, just pointing out what I believe regarding that.

I'm sorry. I wasn't clear what I meant. I wasn't talking about their actions, but their abilities and the story elements tied to them. If the players have no control over their characters' actions, then why even play?

I'd say it encourages creativity and getting out of your comfort zone, having characters accept chaos and overcoming it can work in a different manner. While choosing your own character from the start is a great way to play, I do think that randomness and "forcing" you to play the unexpected adds to great moments and development (In game and out game).

In amy case and regarding what you think, you should check Worm. It is a great series about superhumans (Parahumans in their world) which does actually have a TRPG. Where you don't even get to roll your stuff, the other players simply choose for you (an interesting idea and has quite the following)


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