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Koronus Sandbox

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Rogue Trader

I am looking for one or two new players for the Rogue Trader game I am running. I'm willing to consider anything without significant overlap with the existing players.

To date the group has run several salvage missions, plundered a xeno world, dealt with a band of pirates. And is currently assaulting a primitive fortress world for fun and plunder.

The current roster consists of the rogue trader, a gunnery focused void master, an explorator, a seneschal, and a Tau firwarrior.

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@ArcaneStomper Which riles for Warp Navigation are you using? Rogue Trader core book, or the updated ones from Navis Primer?

It depends entirely on how much importance I feel needs to be put on the warp result. For instance a lot of the time I just skip them entirely and the party gets where its going. If I feel time is an issue I will use the regular warp rules. If they're somewhere particularly perilous or there is a navigator who wants to play with them I will use the Navis Primer rules.

Yeah, the Navis Primer rules make me afraid of void travel whenever I look into them, though. Unless I'm mistaken things are screwier down that path.

Also, here's character generation info.

Peers at @Rhal
"Birthright: Child of the Creed"
"Lure of the void: Duty Bound"
Holsters her flamers begrudingly

Heh, I'm reminded of the person who always visited RT ads and asked if the ship was going to have a Nova Cannon. I guess we might as well purchase that in the future, in their honor.

So any other questions from interested parties?

Not really. I've been reading the recent in game and just enjoying the fluid interaction between the characterizations. That there is a simple "Reporting for duty!" introduction option available if I am allowed to join just answers all the questions at this stage that aren't better left for being a part of the game. Things like specifics of what do/want done/can I do x are all matters for in game talking!

Chill and consumate RT is doing RT things with colleagues on typical Star Trek/Firefly level familiarity with one another.

Sign me up.

Thanks. Curiously enough, our roster actually cycled a bit since the start (and we even cycled GMs, so to say).

Anastasio is the only current member of the crew who's been around since the start, but just as people join and leave due to the usual PbP attrition, a few people with strong commitment tend to stick around, which's part of why I asked for another recruitment round so we could add a few more talents and personalities to the current party.

Ok, I plan of submitting a character soon, but I have 3 rough concepts I'm having trouble deciding between. Would love some input on which could fit best/ sounds the most interesting given the game so far.

Heading to work so my opinion will have to wait.

I cry for shock trooper, it's a lovely concept. Even if he will probably be executed if he doesn't get to the expanse quick enough


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