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Discord Pathfinder Published Mod

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Discord Pathfinder Published Mod

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So I'm getting together a group on Discord for a weekly Pathfinder game. 2 of the people involved are brand new to tabletop gaming in general, so this will mostly be for fun rather then trying to bringing in A-game, but I will be running a Published Mod so as to get them hooked on the concept as well as make it easier for them. We're going to be choosing from 2 different Mods and I would prefer to hear the player's opinion's on what we're going to play rather then just decide for them, so people who are interested here and get invited would get to have a say on that.

We are still in need of 1-2 players, 1 for a minimum party of four and 2 for a party of five for a more rounded party as well as having an extra just in case someone has no choice but to leave so we could at least continue.

First and foremost, here's what we are looking for:

Our Schedule: Based on everyone's times of availability, we've managed to narrow down our window to:


This doesn't mean we'll be playing the entire 9 hours, just the best window of time for us to work with. It took us a while to figure this out, so right off the bat: If you cannot make this time reliably, then you're unable to join. So I'd very much appreciate it if people didn't show interest, knowing full well they might not be reliable or they know they would have to leave down the road.

Some other basic rules obviously: No politics, no disrespect, be awesome to everyone, don't be late, give everyone fair chances to stand out in the game, etc. The basic stuff of courtesy.

All in all, anyone who's free and might be interested, please feel free to let me know.

Game Description:

A Placeholder for making a recruitment thread made with all the important information there.

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Oh and I forgot to mention, an OOC forum will be made here on MythWeavers as well as a progress log to keep constant track of our progress for ease of reference for everyone. Character Sheets from the site will also be utilized as well.


1: Where do I apply? Am I just blind and not seeing it?

2: Is this a live chat or live text game? I've seen (but not played) both.

3: How quickly were you looking to get it up and running?

4: I probably have more but will leave it at that.

1. Showing Interest here is enough, but you can also speak up on the OOC forum for the game. We can basically just discuss somethings just to make sure you're able to join.

2. We're still discussing that, but you joining would add your voice/vote to what we do. Me personally as the GM, I'd be ok either way.

3. I would prefer next Sunday, but like I said, 2 of the players are VERY new to this so they'll likely need more time to explain things to and help get their characters made, so it's more likely the Sunday after next.

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