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Rolemaster Middle Earth Life in the Northern Kingdoms

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Rolemaster Middle Earth Life in the Northern Kingdoms

Rolemaster Life in the Northern Kingdoms - Forum

The Game

It is the year 1407 of the Third Age and all is not well in the Northern Dunedain Kingdoms of Arthedain and Cardolan. The Witch King of Angmar's armies, attacking from his lands of Angmar and the neighbouring fallen Dunedain Kingdom of Arthedain, have breached the defences again and again with raids in recent years and the land bleeds.

However, it's not all doom and gloom. In Tharbad, a Cardolan river port and bridge town over the Gwathlo, some hundred and fifty miles south of Bree, business is booming. There is gold to be had from war refugees fleeing south. Gold to be had from caravans heading north laden with grain, weapons, armor. Mercenaries heading north for war gold require accommodation, perhaps a last taste of comfort before some border fort. Soldiers, in brief respites from the war, come seeking entertainment of one sort or an other, likely the other too.

The Tharbad City Guard are a necessarily pragmatic lot.

In short, it's a place where an up and coming subject of Cardolan can perhaps realise his, or her, ambitions be he, or she, be ever so humble... provided you are prepared to do what is necessary to achieve it.

Game Description:

The Game

This game is a Middle Earth game using Rolemaster. I realise newer systems more closely resemble Tolkein's world, but I don't care. I grew up with MERP, Rolemaster and Middle Earth, so that's what I am running with.

The World and Feel of the Game

The campaign starts in Tharbad, during the war with the Witch King of Angmar. Tharbad is a small city at the southern edge of the Northern Kingdoms, well the two of the three that remain, so it's far from the front lines (as far as pitched battles are concerned).

It will have a rather Shadowrun feel to it, since Tharbad as a city has a real Mos Eisley/Ankh Morpokh feel to it. Characters are more likely to be mercenaries on the make than anything else.

Please head to the Game Forum to find out more.

Two against twenty. Did we run? Did we surrender? No, we gave those two a beating.

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Yes! I am 100% in on this one.

I assume this is 2nd edition, based on the discussions in the planning thread?

Any restrictions on books?

Also, I don't suppose you know of a good character sheet template or format? Trying to replicate that in BBCode would be a nightmare!

It's 2nd edition.
Books are Arms Law, Character Law and Spell Law.
The race list from Companion 1 is also allowed.

You can find other rules in the Game Forum.

Probably the easiest way to work up a sheet is to download a character sheet, complete it, take a photo of it and upload the image.

Originally Posted by thenucleus View Post
Also, I don't suppose you know of a good character sheet template or format? Trying to replicate that in BBCode would be a nightmare!
There was the Excel sheet posted up in the interest thread, but it's a little excessive. I'm super anal about formatting and the like so I'll be working on something for us on the forum over the next few days.

Originally Posted by hakootoko View Post
Here's what we used last time Starhawk and I were in a RM game together:
Ahh, MiB's game, nice. Haven't run him since I was last on Plothook, shame he's been inactive for a long while. Format looks pretty sweet, though, so definitely snagging that haha

Ah, the 'become city guards or be executed' game. I recall that. As I recall it ended just after the first fight.

Wow! JCBarnes! Now there's a name I've not heard tell of in many a year.


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