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Low powered Shadowrun?

That actually sounds like the basis for a pretty good character Cirlot, a bit of a naive idealist who's forced into situations he'd rather not be when faced with the grim realities of life. Maybe he got his cyberware when he was involved in an accident and now he's saddled with some pretty daunting debt. Maybe some Vory take over his hab and start demanding protection money, putting him even deeper in the hole when he picks up the tab for his crush. There's a lot you can do with a background like that, and I think it would play in well with what I'm trying to run. There is a real moral dilemma at hand that i think would be fun and interesting to play out.

Like I said, I'd really like to focus on the social aspect of things; having to sort out al the little details that get overlooked when getting into a business like Shadow running.


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