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Storyline Idea

Storyline Idea

I've been thinking of writing a storyline based on a combination of the premises of Constantine and The Librarians. The players would play as "curators" (Ie. People with various skills) with the goal of acquiring artefacts, knowledge, and tackling evil magicks, spirits and that like, leading up to an overarching plot.

I can run these as multiple games, and with various people throughout - a drop-in and drop-out system. The longer the world runs for, the more knowledge and lore becomes embedded within it.

Wondering if people would like to brainstorm some ideas with me?

Some ideas/plot devices I've got so far:
  • Angels are not inherently good, per se. They see humans as lesser creatures, more a means to an end and they need protecting because they can't do it themselves. By the same token, Demons are not totally evil. Totally out for themselves generally speaking, but there's several that are just out for their own agendas, or simply even just out for a good time. The two forces can't interact with each other normally...
  • Most fantasy novels and fairy tales are embedded with some level of occult truth to them. Spirits, yokai, and the like reside on Earth and are pretty much everywhere, although it's rare for normal people to see them.
  • Anyone can learn magic, although magic itself is typically more subtle than things like fireballs. Mages, Sorcerers, Wizards, Warlocks, Alchemists, and Shamans, are all users of different kinds of magic and tap into energies in different ways.

"Angels are not necessarily good" describes the plotline of about half of all JRPGs that include angels. >.>

Basically, anything this page references can be material.

Number 2 is the premise of most urban fantasy.

Number 3 is... literally the premise of all those different magic classes.

Number 3 is what actual real-world wizards, alchemists, witches, and shamans actually believe. So it's not a revolutionary concept. All of them seem... fine. It really depends on how you present them.

Do you have any suggestions on how you'd present these concepts yourself?

That is a difficult question, @Phantasmagoria, and depends a lot on your specific players. I would make it clear from the beginning that there are going to be supernatural elements but start the party as mundane humans, and use the old Arkham Horror standby of all the PCs being past acquaintances of an eccentric old professor in Massachusetts; he sends them to pick up, I dunno, a portfolio in Budapest or something; and they get attacked by snake people or something. Then the prof gives them the info dump and brings them into the masquerade.

This gives you a way to introduce supernatural elements slowly (as opposed to dumping a huge reading list on the players) and allows you to structure adventures by handing them out as missions from old prof. Later on, if the PCs want more independence, they can break way from old prof or he can get killed and the PCs take up the reins of the organization.

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