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The Sheriff of Goodsprings, Lancelot Helms

Human Fighter 5
Age: 25

Or Lance, as referred to by his close friends and peers, is the leading force against all that disturb the peace in Goodsprings. While not one to be altruistic, his strong sense of order and justice has allowed him to defend the people by putting his duty above personal pleasures.

The Youthful Prodigy, Lenoria Tsukino

Artificer 3
Age 20

Lenoria is an aspiring inventor who was exiled to Goodsprings after she and her sister Ami spoke against Edgar's laws. Seeing no need to kill off such a great source of talents - at least not yet - he had law enforcement escort them to the isolated settlement away from civilization. From there, Ami had gathered the remnants of her previous store to make ends meet, while Lenoria had a different goal in mind.

"I must join the guard. I have to change the system from within."

Lenoria gladly took on the Artificer class to not only make ends meet, but to also make the Tsukino name known across the nation. Her inventions got the ever-watching eye of Lancelot Helms, who was quick to recruit her to the Spellbinders. Lenoria has worked even harder since then, wanting to prove herself while waiting for the opportunity to spring her plan into action.

Bane of the Undead, Solveig the Fatalheart

Cleric 2
Age 25

Women are always seen as either the weaker or more sensitive sex. Not so with the goliath race; besides the obvious differences, they are hard to tell apart from the men of their tribes. Solveig is a prime example that you shouldn't judge a woman like you would the rest, lest you suffer from a few broken teeth.

The woman had studied and trained as a priestess of Kelemvor when she ventured away from her mountain home on the border. However, she was the object of bullying from the Ruby Order, who preferred to keep their necromantic tendencies. Framed and beaten, Solveig could only wait for her execution after a scuffle with some ruffians led to a damaged statue of the king.

Lancelot would only disclose how he met Solveig: He requested that she be brought over to his settlement instead, promising he would reform her for the good of the nation. Released on parole, Solveig hesitantly accepted Lancelot's terms to work with him. She learned to always take pride in who she was, but to also remember the laws of Thule are not to be least, not alone.

Her goal gameplay-wise is to prestige into a Doomguide, faithful servants of Kelemvor that specialize in fighting undead.

Disciple of the Sun and Mystic Arts, Seth Gardens

Wizard 3
Age 31

You would think that a land that favors necromancy would demand all of its spellcasters to abandon the teachings of good. That didn't discourage Seth in the slightest when he arrived from Krystalia.

Having studied at the Magic Institution back home, Seth learned to not only delve into the mystic arts of wizardry, but also harness the power of the sun thanks to the local clerics of Pelor. His logic, as far as his mission in Thule is concerned, was simple; where there is death, life must be brought. Where there is shadow, there must also be light.

Seth's theory was confirmed when he arrived in Goodsprings. He saw the people in need there and the very few others that stepped up to help them. Fascinated with Belias's methods of establishing order as well as the pleading of the townspeople, Seth decided to stick around and help out where he could. Lancelot happened to be recruiting at the time, and the rest as they say is history.

He plans to become an archmage.

The Tour Guide of the Planes, Peter

Wizard 11/Planeshifter 10
Neutral Grumpy True Neutral
Age 41

Boasting incredible power, Peter makes a living as a ferryman who takes people to the Inner and Outer Planes of existence, while using that money for hired hands to protect him as he explores uncharted lands in those same planes and using the leftovers to pay the rent back home in Thule. He is indifferent to the war between Thule and Mesarthim, but guess what? He hated the government pestering him so much to summon a demon for them that he did just as they asked: he summoned the best damn good demon cop he could find so they'd leave him alone.

After government officials caught on to his treachery, they decided to leave him alone. Outside an army, nothing can topple Peter's grandiose tower nor can they hope to take him on in a duel to the death. Thule has neither the time nor resources to soothe their bruised ego.

He has the power to bring you back from the dead every time you die, though he'll never be in a good mood when it happens. "What, you got yourself killed? I was just getting ready to ward the tower. There's a play going on in the Outlands and I don't want to miss it."

Combat Butler, Cronus

Neutral Good
Age: ???

An eccentric man hired by Belias to be your bodyguard after the successful capture of the Scarecrow. You know little about him, but he promises to serve you well.

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