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Stargate: Twilight of the Red Star

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Stargate: Twilight of the Red Star

Stargate: NWoD - Forum
World of Darkness

This is a New World of Darkness game set within the Stargate Canon. The game will take place somewhere during the second season of the show, after the episode "A Matter of Time," in which SG-10 was killed in action. Players will assume the roles of the new SG-10, and are being sent out on their first mission. I am looking for 2 or (maximum) 3 players.

Image courtesy of ArcaneDesperado.

I've made several changes and additions to the game mechanics to suit the setting, but nothing major. Players will be able to play either Human Military, Human Civilian, or Jaffa characters. Human characters follow the Hunter template, and Jaffa will follow an adapted Alien template from nWoD: Infinite Macabre.

For more information on the changes, see the Stargate: nWoD Wiki. The major changes are weapons mods, new player options, and the Human and Jaffa templates. I also have a few house rules.

Applications will run until around July 16th, after which I'll make my selections. After I've chosen the players, they'll be brought to the "waiting room" in the SGC to have an in character prelude for a while, as I'll be away. The game will start when I return at the end of July.

Finally, newcomers to the system or the TV show are welcome--the wiki will have all the canon info you need and will be updated as needed, and the system is simple to learn! If you'd like some help or advice in creating a character, I'll be happy to set up a private thread for you in the forum--but note that having a private thread does not guarantee acceptance into the game.

Game Description:

In 1998, a team of explorers from Stargate Command--SG-1--traveled through the Stargate to the planet designated P3X-187 to explore a potential mining source of the rare element Naquadah. Shortly after arriving on the planet, they were bombarded with enemy fire and were forced to extract themselves--but not before hearing a planet-wide announcement, presumably being made from the air:

Attention, all planets of the Solar Federation. Attention, all planets of the Solar Federation. Attention, all planets of the Solar Federation. We have assumed control. We have assumed control. We have assumed control.

An invasion was underway, but the SG-1 was able to escape.

Now, almost one year later, Stargate Command recorded an Unscheduled Off-World Activation of the wormhole, and a radio message was relayed through it. A local named Jon relayed that the invasion had failed, but it had given his race hope. They've been kept as slaves for hundreds of years by a Goa'uld named Syrinx--and they want help from the SGC. In return, they will negotiate mining rights to the planet's naquadah ore.

It fits perfectly within two of the SGC's standing orders: to obtain alien technology to help protect Earth, and to help liberate the peoples of the galaxy from the Goa'uld threat. SG-1 is on a mission, but the newly minted SG-10 is awaiting their first assignment.

Sg-10, you have a go.

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How do you mean? They're pretty similar to the Jaffa template; I just replaced a few Qualities with others from the Infinite Macabre book. I did change a couple of them; do you think I added too much?
Of course, i don't want them to be any more powerful to start than other players!

Alright, so, I think I'd be interested in joining and I have a bare bones concept worked up... Although I think I'd need to be hand held through the character generation process. Should I just PM the character profile stuff requested to you and start from there, or..?

I've made a private thread for you in the character creation section of the game forum. Just post your concept there, and I'll be happy to help you with the creation process!

Ok, I apologize for that. It's fine I was just tired I think. When the two are compared together they are about the same.

Hey, no problem. If things look like they are getting unbalanced I definitely want to take a closer look at them.

Yeah, I think the Tok'ra will be very interesting, because at this point in the series, the only one who seems to trust them implicitly is Samantha Carter--because her dad is one. Everyone else is a bit wary...but that makes for good drama!

I might be interested in this, I really liked early-season Stargate.
Given that this is set in the World of Darkness, which I think is normally a horror setting, I'm wondering about the mood of the game, though: Is this going to be horror, or are you aiming more for something like the mood of the show?
I don't much like horror, and there wouldn't be much point in me applying to a horror game.

If I do end up applying, I'll probably try to make a diplomat/cultural specialist. He might even be military.

The mood will be less horror, more like the show--for the first chapter, anyway. I have some more horror themed ideas for later on.

I'll think a bit more about my concept, then.
Given the nature of pbp, I'm not worrying too much about chapter 2 of a game before chapter 1 has started, particularly if I don't even know yet whether I'll get to play :-)


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