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Pathfinder Help! Creative minds needed!

Pathfinder Help! Creative minds needed!

So my GM is starting a new game, an evil one. We plan on going far in it maxing multiple classes ect going way past level 20 and I wanted to do something fun in the long run. It is a campaign in a basic fantasy world. I made a Technology based character. She is a Techslinger and will be going into Tinker class. I want her to build robots and technology in this world. My ultimate goal for her is to make intelligent robots. I want to make my own robot race. I want them to be able to create more of their own kind without the use of magic. With Tinker I can do this however I am also wanting to turn people into the Borg from Startrek or Cybemen from Doctor Who. With forced loyalty.

My request is: Can anyone help me find classes or skills possibly needed for turning people into robots? Putting their minds into machines and having them still be similar to who they once was but under enough of my control to not revolt against me. I would like it to be outside of magic but I can work with the idea of magic being used. My GM said he could change how some things work to find a way around magic.

Any ideas and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Tinker Class


"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"

Just use magic, but fluff it as not being magic.
Magic jar, create undead, grafting (lords of madness?), golems...

You could have the robot be an intelligent item with a very high ego score.

(this is probably not the right forum)

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