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Jane Austen MMO

I think the fact that it's based off of romance/erotica novels is what are throwing people off.

I found Austen's work generally boring and sure don't recall any erotica in it (that would have at least added some energy and spice to her work!). Even trying it with zombies and vampires didn't improve the experience.

OTOH, I suspect Austen purists who would dislike that slant might be in the minority of regency readers/fans these days. And purists are apt to be of an older generation who are less computer-savvy, anyway, so not really the target audience.

I'll have to send one of my friends to check it out. She might be interested, given her addiction to the Austenland movie.

Heh... yeah, she'll like this, I think. And I love the phrase "plot bunnies."

Originally Posted by Raveled View Post
I can't believe there aren't more people interested in this game. Even if Jane Austen isn't your thing, this is potentially a ground-breaking experiment in MMO design. This studio is figuring out how to take the standard collect/kill/raid quests in every MMO and applying them to new genres; not just killing stuff in space or killing stuff in a suit of armor, but conversation and political intrigue. The bones of this game could easily be used to build an MMO based around politics and espionage, a Babylon 5-style game where you are trading political favors and reputation. The mechanics they're learning could find themselves applied to almost any genre imaginable, which opens up whole new vistas of storytelling and experiences.
Like World of House of Cards?


I can just imagine men in suits and ruffles huddled in th parlor as they spawn camp trying to get that orchid lapel adornment that gives +2 to innuendo what does MMO grind look like in a game like this?

Originally Posted by dystmesis View Post
I just don't see how this is different from Second Life or Furcadia or whatever, just with a different aesthetic.
I'm not the target audience for those, either.

I don't think it's fair to compare this to Furcadia or Second Life. From my understanding those are more visual chat rooms, with the content almost entirely created by the playerbase. There's no raids, no collection quests, none of the standard MMO/WoW/Secret World/STO actions that a lot of players associate with the genre. Ever, Jane will have all of that stuff, just oriented towards conversations and relationships. You don't go on a raid with the healer and the DPS and the tank to kill a lava dragon, you attend the Prince of Wales' summer gala and coordinate with your friends to catch the attention of an up-and-coming major of the guard. You are still getting XP and collecting plot tokens and, hell, maybe there's even skill trees and crafting and builds, but the context for it all is so different that I can't help but find myself intrigued. I don't see myself latching on for the long term, but if there's ever a free weekend or the like you can bet I'm going to try it.

I feel like this could be as if Portal came out when people were still calling FPS games Doom-clones; it's taking the recognized framework of a well-known game type and reorienting it in novel ways. Maybe this won't be the biggest innovation since WASD, but I love seeing a studio breaking out into brand-new territory.


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