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Miniature Ship

Miniature Ship

I have been looking online, without success, for a miniature ship to use in my tabletop D&D game.

I uses standard 28mm minis, and am looking for a boat of that scale.

It is a Thule game that takes place during the Bronze age, so looking for viking ships, galleys, trireme, or other old pre-cannon ships.

Any help appreciated.

I found this with a quick Google search. 20 USD, don't know if it's exactly what you want, and it is Viking. has a great carstock ship model that I have used before. Some assembly required, but it's very awesome and completely 3D, including masts, rigging, sails...

Unfortunately, they haven't put out anything new in several years and the website is no longer available. BUT, it looks like you can bet it at

A couple images from my games.

You can also check out this great video by Black Magic Craft on how to make one of your own. Here is the template for his build.

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